The ratio of the site visitor to advertising

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The ratio of the site visitor to advertising

Before talking about advertising and how much it annoys the user, I will say that annoying is not just advertising.
Strongly annoying sound. If we go to the site, and then the music begins, or something is said, or the video starts.

Advertising is how much all the same annoying, but where to go, earn it is necessary.

What types of online advertising cause you the greatest annoyance?

1. Popups 78.2%
2. Banners 7.6%
3. Video advertising 6,6%
4. Contextual text 3.6%
5. Does not annoy 4%

Visitors will avoid your site if you have:
  • Pop-Up
  • BodyClick (ClickUnder)
  • Floating Reference Block
  • ICQ-window
  • Animated banners
The visitor will be tolerated by the presence of the site
  • Contextual advertising, especially if it's not too different in style from the entire site.
  • Banners, if they are not very large and quiet, not too flashy.
  • Top-line stretching
Losing the visitor, we lose the opportunity to earn money in the future.
Also, the visitor will leave the site, if registration is required. In fact, what is it for? People will register only if you have a lot of unique content. If it can be found somewhere else, then they will simply leave.

Visitor actions in relation to advertising