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address: Russia, Moscow


About 2 million articles of the Russian Wikipedia are taken as a basis.
The author was the head of the Russian division of Wikipedia.

The main difference from Wikipedia will be the control of articles by Russia.
The main thing is that the articles comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation and official history.
The encyclopedia will develop, be supplemented and corrected.


Scientific and educational encyclopedic portal from the Great Russian Encyclopedia with the support of Ministry of Digital Development of Russia.

A systematic set of sources of reliable scientific information for students and their teachers, for scientists and researchers.The portal is a universal multimedia tool and covers all spheres of human knowledge and life.


The database of the Great Russian Encyclopedia, industry and regional encyclopedias of partners, institutions of science and culture, and other reliable sources verified by scientific editors and services of the Portal are taken as a basis.

Для написания статей на портале нужно заполнить анкету, указав полное ФИО, должность, область научных интересов и так далее.

address: Russia


Wiki encyclopedia in Russian.
In fact, this is an attempt at an analogue of Wikipedia in Russian.
The reason is that Wikipedia is controlled by the West and a Russian alternative was needed.
You should not expect balanced information, Runiversalis will be a pro-Russian encyclopedia, an alternative, so to speak.

So far, the number of articles is very small.
There are no articles even about Yandex, but there is information about crime bosses.
Many links to non-existent articles with a proposal to start filling.