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Password from email is your key.

Password should be simple enough for you, so you do not forget it, but not enough to crack it and use your address.

Major errors when creating a password <

  • No copies of data.
  • The program is not updated (often the update sutures holes in the code so that the virus does not climb up and does not take passwords)
  • Opening a letter from an unknown sender, and click all provided links,
  • Using one password for everything (it was hacked and you lost everything),
  • Do not use password manager, just remember the password, and then forget it,
  • Add strangers to friends (all who ask) on social networks.

Passwords that are often hacked

  • email, because this way you can access all the services on which you registered,
  • ICQ, especially short numbers that sell, or just hooligan on your behalf,
  • Skype, for the same reason,
  • Facebook.

Passwords that are easy to crack

  • date of birth,
  • 111, 333, 777 or something like this,
  • 12345 or qwert - keyboard letters coming in succession.
  • Simple names - sergey, vovan, lena ...
  • Russian word typed in English encoding, ex. Sergey will get Cthutq.

The most spread passwords in the world

  1. 123456 (290,731)
  2. 12345 (79,078)
  3. 123456789 (76,790)
  4. Password (61,958)
  5. iloveyou (51,622)
  6. princess (35,231)
  7. rockyou (22,588)
  8. 1234567 (21,726)
  9. 12345678 (20,553)
  10. abc123 (17,542)
  11. Nicole (17,168)
  12. Daniel (16,409)
  13. babygirl (16,094)
  14. monkey (15,294)
  15. Jessica (15,162)
  16. Lovely (14,950)
  17. michael (14,898)
  18. Ashley (14,329)
  19. 654321 (13,984)
  20. Qwerty (13,856)
List of most common passwords

Secure Password

  • long (8-12-15 characters),
  • it is difficult to crack the password in which there are CAPITAL LETTERS, small letters and numbers (not the date of birth!),
  • not from the dictionary, that is not a word, not a name ...
  • A separate password for each individual service.
  • Not associated with you (address., Cellular number ...).
If you have to register a lot, why not make a group of passwords, ex. One password for all forums where you register because there is nothing to steal (unless you are a famous person, except that friends make fun of it).


Insiders are people who have direct access to your data, for example employees of, where your mail is located or Odnoclassniki sites, VK. An unscrupulous employee can simply take your password.

Therefore, we do not use questionable services. The sale of passwords was corrupted by
Trusted services are Google, Yandex.

There should not be the same passwords

Same passwords

For ease of remembering password, people use the same password for everything.
It is recommended to have a unique password: for e-mail and payment systems.
The remaining passwords can be grouped. For example:
  • Simple password and login for registration in all temporary and non-important places. For example, we want to download something on this site, and we are required to register. Chance is not enough that we generally go there, there is nothing to protect us, therefore we write something simple and unique (that was free). For example. Login sim-sim password open.
  • A strong password for all forums and social networks, etc.
Because, no matter how complicated your password is - we do not make one password for everything !!!

The most complex and secure password

This is your e-mail password. If you access your mail, you can access all the places where you registered. Therefore, this password must be reliable.

Store passwords conveniently in special programs - Password Managers.