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Hair Care Community.

Hair maniac or hair maniac is a slang that has recently appeared in RuNet. So call themselves girls who are not indifferent to hair care, and often they are the owners of elegant silk hair, "as in advertising."

Want to know how they do it?
Then you will be interested in this site.

Community, it means that everyone can participate, there is a program to encourage authors.
These are bonuses, prizes and gifts. This is not an income, but an incentive.

Hair Care Diary

For registered users.
  1. a tape of dated photo reports (thanks to it, it is convenient to track the dynamics of hair changes),
  2. diary, where you can note that for the beauty of your hair and what day of the week you did,
  3. "stand" with hair products, where you can save all hair products that you use at the moment or just want to buy.

Hair products catalog

More than 5,000 titles.
Here there is not only the compositions of means and description from the manufacturer, but also the search for means by ingredients and effects.

Home masks

More than 500 recipes for homemade hair masks, decoctions for rinsing and homemade shampoos.