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Online version of one of the leading fashion magazines in the world.

Elle is a French magazine, published since 1945.
The magazine is published in 60 countries of the world.

Publications for each country vary depending on the level and lifestyle, income, employment, consumer habits, etc. average reader of a particular country.

So, in the American version, preference is given to fashion, personal care and health, while the Japanese gives more information about travel, cultural events and pastime.

While American Elle talks about fashion through photography, Japanese prefers to describe lines and silhouette, giving information about the cutting technique, materials, details and design features - knowledge comes in to replace the visual image, which in itself is closer to tailor's skill.

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Woman's Day

Online version of the American women's magazine.


  1. household,
  2. food, food,
  3. physical form
  4. physical attractiveness and fashion.
The Russian version is adapted for users of Russia.


Leading women's online magazine.
The monthly audience is 22 100 074 users.

Here we learn how to lose weight correctly, what to wear to a party and how to create an unforgettable feminine image.

Like-minded people are found here, they learn to behave in a psychologically difficult situation.
Articles covering all important life aspects of a woman. Love, relationships, beauty, health, career, children, travel, recipes - all this you will find here.

The site tries to provide reliable, verified information about the latest fashion trends, technology, diets, cosmetics, psychology of relationships with the opposite sex.


The oldest in RuNet, its distinctive feature from other forums is an optional registration, which allows users to speak anonymously.

And also you can make new acquaintances and get moral support.

Feminine opinion

A popular portal for women of all ages.

The site justifies its name, it is really feminine opinion.
There are just articles, without the possibility to leave a comment.

But this is the form, and the content: diet, motherhood, recipes, fashion, beauty and ...

Articles are not heap, the site is very popular.


Another women's magazine online.

This is not an edition of a famous publishing house, but a decent site. Always glad when enthusiasts take and do something from scratch.

Articles are not boring, richly illustrated. As it should be in a glossy edition.

But there is no interactivity, there are buttons to share a link on social networks and share opinions there.
No video.

And the rest of the site is not very bad.


Women's online magazine.
The site is made in the form of a blog: article - comments.

Experts raise various topics, you cannot ask them a question, there is no such form, but you can leave your comments.

News from the world of show business, cinema, fashion and beauty, is the first to announce news of the beauty industry and entertainment.

There are recipes from stars and famous chefs.
Stories about the best travels.
Tips for arranging a family hearth.


  1. young girl,
  2. a real lady,
  3. a true career woman,
  4. a socialite.


reliable site

address: Russia


Positive women's website, classic blog.

The author really tries to write articles. They are decorated neatly and clearly.
And she does it. The site is very popular. One of the most visited in its subject according to the version of Yandex.

We read and leave comments, I hope, also positive. :)

Cosmopolitan Россия

The online edition of the famous magazine.

The online version has its advantages - video, forum, feedback.
High resolution video. The forum is professionally supported, can help in some issues.


  1. fashion,
  2. relationship
  3. beauty,
  4. health,
  5. stars
  6. psychology,
  7. contests
  8. video,
  9. calories counter,
  10. weight calculator,
  11. full closet,
  12. forum
  13. ....


The famous women's magazine about the stars, things and beautiful life.

Style - this is what everyone seeks, but does not always find.
Style is the breath of time.
Its special view of the world.

In the end, just harmony with yourself.

The goal is to help everyone who really wants to find his unique style.

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Lady Mail.Ru

Portal for women. of course leads this portal.

There are headings, but in general, remains not a producer of content, but finds content on the Internet on a given topic and puts the most popular one at home, such a news aggregator or digest.

Everything is laid out in the form of a blog, you can add your own comments.


Internet site for girls about style, beauty and entertainment.

Online edition for energetic and free-thinking women, whose sphere of interest extends far beyond fashion, beauty, relationships and gossip.

  1. style
  2. life
  3. health
  4. beauty
  5. entertainment
A lot of news, and not in one line, but in detail, with illustrations. News about what? I find it difficult to unite them in some topics.
Here there are cinema news, news from the Kremlin, and news from the world of music ...
It seems that the author simply places the news that interests him.
In any case, they are not boring and you can find what interests you.

Second street!

The site is about the interior, design and alteration of clothes and fashion with the eyes of a modern urban resident, who grew up from the standards of glossy magazines and the same handicrafts "VK".