How to tie a tie

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How to tie a tie

Any man should know!

Regardless of the fashionable influences, from preferences and taste, every man should know the classic rules of combining a tie with a suit and a shirt:
  • ties with a picture can be worn only to monophonic shirts;
  • solid tie - to the shirts in the cage or strip (with the color of the tie must match the color of the strips);
  • to a dark suit and a dark shirt - a lighter tie (it is better for a tone lighter than a suit);
  • to a dark suit and a light shirt - a dark tie in the tone of a suit or shirt;
  • to a black suit and a white shirt - a light tie with a fine pattern;
  • to a light suit and a dark shirt - a light tie in a suit's tone;
  • The tied knot should close the buckle and even a centimeter to two go down just below the belt;
  • The width of the tie should be proportional to the width of the lapels and the size of the jacket.

The bow tie

Tie a Tie

The site will teach all possible ways of tying a tie, a butterfly, a scarf or laying a handkerchief in a breast pocket.
There is even a tie length calculator. Enter our height and neck circumference and get the result.
The site will also help to look after a tie, quickly get rid of wrinkles.