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Hockey, help

In this section, not all hockey players are gathered, but only those who have significant achievements:
  1. Prize places in Olympics or World Championships,
  2. The winner or finalist of the World Cup,
  3. Champion of the NHL, KHL, WHA and USSR (and post Soviet period until KHL),
  4. The owner or finalist of the Stanley Cup, Gagarin or Avco,
  5. Winner of personal prizes in Olympics or World Championships,
  6. The owner of personal prizes of NHL, KHL or WHA.
There are about 7000 hockey players in the database.

Game Numbers

Here, not everything is so unambiguous.

It would all be very simple, if every player had his favorite number, like:

  • Kharlamov - 17,
  • Tretyak - 20,
  • Gordie Howe - 9.
The same number and in the club and the team. But for example, Bobby Hall had number 9, he got to the team together with Gordie Howe and because of respect for the veteran, "moved" and gave way to the number, taking 16.
A similar story with Alexander Maltsev, he was in the club was indisputably number 11, and in the team consistently - 10.
Phil Esposito was number 7, and in the national team chose number 77.

There are additional numbers that are often used, as in Bobb and Hall 16 or Kovalchuk 71, and there are so many say one-time. Say, the number of the player is busy, he is forced to take another, for another championship is busy and that and the number again new. Players remember these numbers and they are not associated with them. They are tied to only the usual number in the club.

There is another difficulty. Players move from league to league, they are resold to another club and so today players are more likely to change clubs, and if their numbers are occupied, but numbers.
For example, Artemy Panarin had the number 72, which was busy in Chicago, then he took the number 27. The same figures are in a different order, which became quite rare. For example, Kovalchuk uses 2 numbers - 17 and 71.
Ptom Atremia is sold to Columbus, where the 72nd and 27th are occupied. Simple arithmetic suggested - 2 + 7 = 9 and Artemy takes a nine.

But Artemia is not the most difficult case. There are not a few hockey players who played for life in 5 or even more leagues, and therefore in a lot of clubs. For example, Czechs often play in the Czech league, the KHL, the NHL, Switzerland (for the Czechs this is a common thing) in Scandinavia. There are players who are on the drum, what their number, all the same, do not save. Each number for them does not mean anything and no number is associated with them, like 17th with Kharlamov or 99th with Gretzky. By the way, the only case in history when the 99th number was withdrawn from circulation in the entire league - the NHL.

In our database, we try to balance, issue all the numbers, if you can find them, and filter the pass-through, one-time.

How did the name of some countries

USSR - Russia

  • 1954-1991 - USSR,
  • 1992 - United team,
  • since 1993 - Russia,
  • in 2018 - AR (Olympic Athlete from Russia).

CSSR - Czech Republic

  • 1920-1992 - Czechoslovakia,
  • since 1993 - Czech Republic.


  • 1990 - West Germany,
  • since 1991 - Germany.

How the name of the main hockey tournament of the USSR-Russia changed

  • 1947-1991 - Soviet Championship League,
  • 1992 - Soviet League season,
  • 1993-1996 - International Hockey League,
  • 1997-1999 - Russian Hockey League,
  • 2000-2006 - Professional Hockey League,
  • 2007-2008 - Russian Superleague.

World Cup of Hockey

  • 1976-1991 - Canada Cup,
  • 1996 - World Cup.
We unite these countries according to statistics, preserving the names. We also combine the World Cup tournament with the Canadian Cup.