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About us

On our website without exaggeration you will find the best free set of coats of arms and flags:
  • All flags and coats of arms of countries of the world.
  • All flags and coats of arms of administrative centers Russia.
  • Other collections are incomplete.

How the collection was going

  • We chose the best coats of arms from many free collections. Unfortunately, many collections are not aimed at quality, but on quantity.
  • We tried to present first of all new arms.
  • Black and white translate into color.
  • A large number of coats of arms were drawn by us. Only when we had a good copy and the confidence that the coat of arms will be drawn qualitatively, without distortion.

Author rights

Speaking of the arms, then there is no need to talk about copyright, because they are not the subject of sale. And copyright is what is bought and sold. The author remains the same.

As for the coats of arms and flags, ethical standards are more acceptable (legalized). That is, respect must be expressed.

You can not ascribe authorship to yourself, change and give out for a real emblem or flag.

You can not use it

  • in print if you do not have the right,
  • on the clothing form, if you do not have the right,
  • etc
You can use it as a state symbol for indicating the state or the language of the state. As for example, it is customary to designate the language version of the site as a country flag.