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Heraldry - the science of arms. So briefly we can characterize this historical discipline. However, the meaning of heraldry goes beyond just examining the arms - it is also a fundamental source of rules for the use of so-called heraldic characters. In particular, besides heraldry, heraldry also answers for and emblems, flags, pendants and other insignia except for modern military signs. Heraldic symbols include symbols of state power - the coat of arms and the flag.

The birth of heraldry

Heraldic traditions began to emerge in Europe after the First Crusade. Then, at the dawn of the epochs, a pressing problem arose: it was impossible to identify a knight in armor, and participants from different countries often did not know each other in person. In order to avoid confusion, many nobles began to put on the shields and armor various symbols, later formed into coats of arms. Gradually, various combinations of characters on the arms were formed into a special language, where each symbol was filled with meaning and had a certain meaning.

By the beginning of the Second Crusade, the heraldry acquired definitive outlines, and the arms on the shields of knights became quite commonplace. European nobles were by then very knowledgeable in the heraldic language and easily identified the knight according to the patrimonial coat of arms. Today, most of the family coats of arms have an amygdala shape, repeating the shape of an old shield, with which the ancestors of ancient families went on hikes.

Family Coat of Arms

Having studied the history of your family and made up your family tree, the specialists of the International Genealogical Agency will restore or reconstruct your family coat of arms on the basis of the genealogical data obtained from the genealogical research. Over the reconstruction of the family coat of arms will work the best masters - famous artists and graphics, as well as graduate historians and specialists in heraldry.

Family pedigree is an important, responsible business, and it will open to you completely. We will carefully study archival materials, compare historical facts, compare and analyze other sources of information. Thanks to the work of our specialists you will learn about long-lost relatives, you will discover new facts about the biographies of family members. The history of the surname, who your ancestors were, and what position in society they occupied, all this can and should become the basis of a family album.

After the restoration of the family tree, we can produce for you a different symbolism with your family coat of arms - souvenirs, family utensils and cutlery, personal diplomas. The best artists of Russia will perform for you images of the family coat of arms for letterhead, business cards, albums and other polygraphs.