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And the color computer

This is not a description of all graphic formats, but the most common ones.

Raster and vector graphics

Raster graphics

Type of mosaic, the picture consists of multi-colored squares.
The quality of the image depends on the resolution of the DPI-points per inch, the more points per inch, the less the point and quality is higher, but not everything is so simple, there are some features.

Vector Graphics.
Plus vector graphics - the quality does not change from increasing the size of the picture.
The principle of format is the points connected by a curve (or a straight line) with a different angle and bend depth.
Example - the fonts we use are always clear, no matter how much they increase.
If we need a logo or a clear picture with an even fill, then vector graphics are better.

Images can be mixed, that is vector formats contain bitmap fragments and vice versa.

Color modes


Black and white, without shades of gray, ex. A new format for WBMP mobile phones.
Grayscale (Grayscale).
Black and white photo ... It uses up to 256 shades of gray.
Indexed Color (Indexed Color).
In indexed palettes, there are no more than 256 colors. The fewer colors in the palette, the smaller the image file size. This mode is used to store files in GIF-format.


Each point is coded with four components that roughly correspond to the turquoise (Cyan), magenta (Magenta), yellow (Yellow), black (blacK).
The standard application of the CMYK mode is the preparation of images intended for viewing in reflected light, such as photographic prints and color reproductions, reproduced by four-layer printing.
This encoding is used in printing for printing on white paper.


It is based on three colors Red (Red), Green (Green) and Blue (Blue). It is in this mode that images intended for viewing on the monitor screen or for demonstrating to the lumen slides, frames of films, video fragments.
So, it is important to understand the difference between CMYK and RGB, reflected color and light.
For example, to get a yellow on white paper, you need to mix the blue and yellow color or apply the green glass to red, but not vice versa.
So, if we have prepared a drawing in RGB and print it, the color gamut will be distorted.

In order to work in Photoshop all functions, you must set the mode RGB.


The game guess the color.
It starts with 4 colors, which are very different, but the colors are getting bigger and closer in tone.
The time counter also works.
You must quickly guess the tone of color.

Color Hex

Website about color - all codes of the selected color, gamma ...

Color-hex gives information about colors including color models (RGB,HSL,HSV and CMYK), Triadic colors, monochromatic colors and analogous colors calculated in color page. also generates a simple css code for the selected color.
HTML element samples are also shown below the color detail page. Simply type the 6 digit color code in the box above and hit enter.


Color Combos

Color palette generator.
We set one color and get a group of palettes, there are plenty to choose from.
  1. You can choose a color from the list of the most popular ones,
  2. you can specify a color search by name in English,
  3. you can by URL - just add 6 characters of HTML Code at the end of the URL, for example.