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Humor and authority


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'Rashka' (from English Russia - Rush) is an 'alternative version' of the real Russia.
We are playing in Russia online.

In Raska everything is bought and everything is sold. Strictly speaking, this is the way it is in real life.
That's why both political parties and companies released their shares to the open market.
Your task is to skillfully act on the financial market, get the maximum profit and lead the rating of successful players.

The one who has money - even virtual - there is power.
If you have a lot of money, it depends on your money will depend on how the schedule of exchange trades will behave in the next moment.
In addition, the news line will help to understand which way the wind is blowing and how this or that action behaves against the background of political news.
Therefore - the flag in the hands of the hero! Trade, earn money, gain power, because it is so sweet ...