Digital Signature

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Digital Signature

Electronic digital signature (EDS) is used by individuals and legal entities as an analogue of a handwritten signature to give an electronic document a legal force equal to the legal force of a paper document signed by the handwritten signature of the authorized person and sealed.

An electronic document is any document created and stored to a computer, whether it be a letter, contract or financial document, a diagram, a drawing, a drawing or a photograph.

EDS is a program that provides:

  • document integrity checking
  • document confidentiality
  • setting the person who sent the document.


Using EDS allows you to:
  1. Significantly reduce the time it takes to execute a transaction and exchange documentation;
  2. improve and reduce the cost of preparation, delivery, accounting and storage of documents
  3. guarantee the accuracy of the documentation
  4. minimize the risk of financial losses by increasing the confidentiality of information exchange
  5. build a corporate document exchange system.
Electronic digital signature is an effective solution for everyone who does not want to wait for the arrival of courier or courier mail for many hundreds of kilometers to verify the authenticity of the information received or to confirm the conclusion of the transaction. Documents can be signed digitally and sent to their destination within a few seconds. All participants in electronic document exchange receive equal opportunities regardless of their distance from each other.

It is impossible to forge digital signature - it requires a huge amount of calculations that can not be realized at the modern level of mathematics and computer technology in an acceptable time, that is, while the information contained in the signed document remains relevant. Additional protection against counterfeiting is provided by certification by the Certification Center of the public key signature.

Using EDS, work on the scheme "the development of the project in electronic form - the creation of a paper copy for the signature - the transfer of a paper copy with a signature - the consideration of a paper copy - transfer it in electronic form to computer" is a thing of the past.