Checking fines

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Checking fines

Telegram channel

  1. - @shtrafyBot - Inspection of traffic police fines, will save the request and report new fines.

Verification of fines by the traffic police

  1. гибдд.рф/check/fines/ - STSI - Use Gosuslugi account fot the entry.
  2. - ЮMoney - Registration will be required (if you do not already have it).
  3. - Gosuslugi - Registration will be required (if you do not already have it).


Checking for unpaid fines from vehicle data.
A simple form, enter the car number with the area code, as well as the series and registration certificate number.

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ЮMoney, online payment of traffic fines

Payment of fines.
Yandex offers instantly, without a queue and at any time convenient to you to pay a fine for violation of traffic rules.
You do not need to notify GIBDD about the payment of a fine: the information on the payment is instantly transferred by the LEADER system to the Unified Information Technology Base GIBDD The GUVD Moscow.

With a Visa or Mastercard, from a purse in ЮMoney, in cash.
Commission: 1%, but not less than 30 rubles. Attention: the service is available to citizens who received driving licenses in Moscow, and only if the decision to impose a fine is also written in Moscow.

How to do this?

Gently fill out all the fields of the form shown on the

All data, including the alphabetic part of the number of the resolution and driving license, must be entered in the Russian (Cyrillic) keyboard layout.

Please note: in case of incorrect entry Of the data, the return of an erroneously credited payment can take 2 to 3 months.

Hotline "International Money Transfers LEADER": +7 (495) 777 8585

Fines of the traffic police via SMS

  1. Subscribe to SMS notifications of incoming fines;

  2. We learn about the SMS penalty from the number 1960 with the offer to pay (if you decide to pay within the first 20 days, an automatic discount of 50% is taken into account);

  3. We answer with a 4-digit code - everything is paid, we pay more attention.
You can manage SMS notifications in purse settings: the same SMS can be configured with a reminder to pay loan or housing and utility services.

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Payment of traffic police fines at

Post of Russia, Emails

We receive registered letters in electronic form.

Everyone must have gotten tired of receiving notices of official letters, running to the post office, to get them and throw them away, because almost all of them are formal.

We go to the site, you can use the entrance to the account of the State Service and several times agree. Everything, now all the formal mail will come to our email and there's no need to run anywhere.
The letter will come in PDF format and will look like it would be in the mail. If desired, you can print.


You can also check the arrears on penalties on the website of the State Service.
We log into your account and we will be immediately shown if we have an unpaid fine.
It will be convenient for those who regularly use them.
Another is more convenient to use traffic police website.

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