Informational help to motorist

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Informational help to motorist

STSI of Russia

The site contains addresses, phone numbers, work schedule, and other contact information of 920 traffic police departments.

How it works

  1. We go to the site and get to the list of Russian regions, choose a region,
  2. choose a city
  3. We receive information - the phone, the timetable for the appeal for various reasons.

Russian Union of Motorists

Assistance to a motorist, a free car lawyer.
The site will be useful when buying a car, you can check the car.
MTPL insurance calculation.
And most importantly - the protection of failure to pay the insurance and ...


Information portal for both motorists and citizens who are interested in the latest changes in legislation, road safety issues, statistics.
  • What kind of fines will you have to pay for traffic violations,
  • how to write a complaint,
  • what to do after a traffic accident - all kinds of traffic violations with the recommendations of experienced lawyers have been disassembled.



address: Russia


Briefly and on business, about cars: history and novelties, about drivers, about roads, traffic rules and other laws, news, jokes and a sea of positive.



address: Russia

PDD master

Automobile legislation in an accessible form.
Analytical reviews and legal advice.

Tel - to help the average road user with questions about automobile legislation to defend his or her rights in different road situations.


  • accident.
  • Privation of rights.
  • OSAGO.
  • Buying and selling a car.
  • Penalties by the traffic police.
  • Tech inspection.
  • Transport tax.