Classification of cars by class

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Classification of cars by class

Class A - Mini cars

Length - not longer then 3,8 m.
Small-sized city cars.
Typical representatives: Daewoo Matiz, Peugeot 107.

Class B - Small cars

Length - 3,8-4,2 m, width — 1,5—1,7 m.
Often a hatchback and a front-wheel drive.
Typical representatives: Lada, Renault Logan, Hyundai Solaris.

Class C - Medium cars

Length - 4,2-4,5 m, width — 1,6—1,75 m.
Golf class.
Typical representatives: Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla, VW Polo Sedan.

Class D - Larger cars

Length - 4,6-4,85 m.
Middle class.
Typical representatives: VW Passat, Audi A4, Mazda 6, Toyota Camry.

Class E - Executive cars

Length - 4,85-5,05 m.
Higher middle class.
Typical representatives: Audi A6, Mercedes-Benz E-class, BMW 5-series.

Class F - Luxury cars

Length - longer then 5 m.
Comfortable powerful cars.
Typical representatives: BMW 7-series, Jaguar XJ8, Mercedes-Benz S-class, Audi A8.

Class J - Sports utility, SUV

Class M - Multi purpose cars

Class S - Sport coupés