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To kill time

  1. - Quick, Draw! - Drawing on using neural network.
  2. - Bored Button - Are you bored? Click on the red button, and get a random choice of maps, guessing, he guesses.
  3. - Inter-Face - On the side, the girl’s face, click on the eye, nose, mouth ... she reacts with facial expressions. Funny.
  4. - Random - Pick random numbers, flip coins, and more.
  5. - Playing cards online - Klondike, spider, rug and others.
  6. - Sad for Japan - A bubble with liquid reacts to the mouse.
  7. - Arkadia Zoomquilt - Walk in a fantastic world, dvidenie around.
  8. - Special Defects - We walk on the sand leaving traces, change the direction with the mouse, make a stop.
  9. - chrismckenzie - 3D cube monitors the movement of the mouse.
  10. - IO games - The best browser games.
  11. - bomomo - Funny animated drawing game, quite simple and fun.

World of Tanks

Massive multiplayer online game in real time in the genre of arcade tank simulator in the historical setting of the Second World War.

Developers of the game is positioned as a massively multiplayer online game in the genre of action with elements of a role-playing game, shooter and strategy.

The concept of World of Tanks is based on team tank battles in PvP mode.

World of Warships

Free massively multiplayer online game based on the epic sea battles of the twentieth century.

A wide selection of ships will open up great tactical capabilities - each of them will be unique in terms of firepower, speed, armor and strength.

Sea charts with changing weather conditions will decorate the gameplay, and realistic graphics will take players to the very center of the epic battles that changed the course of history.


reliable site
address: Russia


Collection of HTML5 and flash games.
All games are carefully selected and sorted by category.
There are games of a wide variety of genres for the most demanding amateur and on the rarest of requests.

The site easy navigation, fast download. There is a special section adapted for mobile users.

The collection is constantly updated with new items.


The leader of the Eastern European online entertainment market, bringing together the best Russian developers and experts in the field of client and browser MMO, games for social networks and mobile devices.

address: Russia


The famous game of Bomb Squad.

The goal of the game is to open all the squares of the playing field that do not contain mines.
To determine the location of the mines allow adjacent squares, in which there are numbers.
These numbers indicate the exact number of mines contained in the eight cells surrounding the number.
Several adjacent cells with numbers often point to the same mines, allowing you to pinpoint dangerous cells.
Flags can be placed on the squares for convenience.
The game is won as soon as all squares that do not contain mines are opened.
If a cell with a mine is opened, the player loses.

Registration is not required if you do not care about your winning history.

3 levels of difficulty

  1. beginner", representing a 9x9 field and containing 10 min,
  2. "amateur" - 16x16, 40 min.
  3. "professional" - 16x30, 99 min.
It is also possible to set their size and number of mines.


left mouse button opens the closed cell.
Right mouse button marks the cell where the mine is supposedly located with a flag/question.
Double click on a cell with a number surrounded by the corresponding number of flags to open the remaining adjacent cells.
F2 starts a new game.

A popular game. By the way, it has many clones, usually with viruses.
It's free, so we only use the original.

Game Rules

A cell with a face value of 2 appears in each round, less often 4 The cursor (on the computer) can drop all cells to either side.
If 2 cells fall into the same nominal value when they are dropped, they merge into one folding denomination.
If the value of the cells does not change after the move, the move does not occur.
The game ends if it is no longer possible to make changes .

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Gravity Points

The center of gravity, a simple game.
The arrows run on the field and they aspire to the center of gravity, but it does not.
We click and get a certain body, a ball, a center of gravity around which the dashes start to be worn.
We click somewhere else and we get 2 centers and dashes start to rush between them. And so on.

The points themselves slowly tend to the center and are attracted to each other, merging form a larger sphere, which attracts a smaller one, etc.
Here is such a physics.

address: USA
Guess the price of art sold at auction.

How it works

  1. Click the button,
  2. get a piece of art at random,
  3. try to guess the amount it sold for at auction,
  4. find out the real amount,
  5. depending on how close we are to the real price - we get points.


The site is nothing more, just a close-up of a classic grid of 9 cells.
Playing with the computer.


Playing on the Street view from Google maps.
You are shown a panorama and you try to guess this place on the map, where it is. If you are not very mistaken, you are credited with points.

A site where wishes come true.
No, there is no wish list, long expectations and disappointments when your friends and family ignored your list ... or chose the most BAD !!!!

Nooo. Here everything is real.
We click on the star and while it falls, we make a wish!
Someday it probably will surely come true.

address: Russia


Random simple, but not empty site.
Here it is possible:
  1. ask the ball, for example "do I go to the movies," but as the moment to quit,
    nothing comes to mind, and you want to ask, look The latest predictions will be from what to push off,
  2. create a strong password, set the length, use or not use of digits, special characters,
  3. find out an interesting fact in a random order, for example
    'Every second, America eats 45 kilograms of chocolate.'
    'Australia moves at a speed of 8.44 cm per year.'
  4. learn a wise idea, and even evaluate whether it is wise?
  5. play with questions and answers - we get a question and 4 options for an answer,
  6. just find out randomly the number from 1 to 100 or as you ask,
  7. ...
All basic is free, but registration costs 500 rubles, then you will have your story.


Games online - for free.

Every week dozens of new online games of various genres appear on the Internet.

The service selects the best quality mini-games for any mood and age.

address: Italy

Crazy Bugs

Beautiful game.
Moss have gone mad and have become attached by any threads, so also have got confused. And you have to unravel them. And it's not a simple matter.


Risovalka type kaleidoscope. We draw, and the program adds parallel lines.


These are circles. We move the mouse and they divide by 4. We direct on each of the bottom - still divide by 4, so we kill time.

And why? What is the ultimate goal? There is a hidden picture, which is understandable only if we deal with all the circles


Roblox is the best place to Imagine with Friends. With the largest user-generated online gaming platform, and over 15 million games created by users, Roblox is the #1 gaming site for kids and teens (comScore).

Every day, virtual explorers come to Roblox to create adventures, play games, role play, and learn with their friends in a family-friendly, immersive, 3D environment.

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Generator of Random Awesomeness

We press into the center of the ring and get the game - a trifle.
So, to have fun, take a break, relax, spend time. Each time a completely new toy.