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Flash strategies - online games for fans of interesting entertainment

Strategies are popular games in which you need to think through each step to achieve your goal. They contribute to the development of logical thinking, intellectual abilities and teach to make informed decisions in non-standard situations. Such games are characterized by the presence of a strategic and tactical component. Strategy are divided into several types: for example, military, economic.

The assortment of exciting games is huge, so there is something to choose from. At the site you will find a large number of the best flash strategies in which you can realize your abilities and skills.

"Enigmata: Stellar War" - space battle

The commander of the main detachment gives an important task, the essence of which is to protect the space base. The player has dozens of different ships, so he must competently build a defense and win the battle to save the crew.

The enemy never slumbers. The gamer needs to reflect countless attacks and destroy everything that moves from the enemy side. Of course, each ship requires funding. For this reason, you need to kill as many enemies as possible, getting money for it. In such a game you need to show strategic thinking and build your defense properly. A unique feature of the flash strategy is that the gamer can freely move the spacecraft on the battle map. Galaxy Enigmat in great danger, so use different types of guns, constantly improve and mercilessly destroy the attacking enemies!

Evocraft is a great arcade strategy


In this game the gamer is transferred in times of brave knights, majestic castles, crusades. To win worldwide fame and defeat the opponents, you should show the wit and talent of the commander. Overcome all obstacles can be under two conditions: the construction of the strategy and the implementation of the plans.

Victory is simply not given to anyone, so the player needs to build outposts, seize territories, form an army, fight with numerous detachments of opponents. You do not have to miss here, as the enemies do not intend to surrender.

This flash strategy is characterized by excellent graphics, exciting storyline, pleasant musical accompaniment, dynamic. It provides 45 levels of varying degrees of complexity. For this reason, during the game gamer will visit the forest, in the desert, on the moon ...

"Cobra Squad" - flash strategy for war craftsmen

Cobra Squad

In this game you need to start creating a battle-worthy brigade of elite soldiers. Before the service, you need to supply the soldiers with weapons, ammunition and other equipment. Initially, a detachment called "Cobra" consists of three people, but after successfully completing missions, you can increase their number. For the money received, the player recruits new recruits with a certain specialization, acquires weapons, uniforms and medicines.

The military detachment "Cobra" occupies the territory, which is not far from the strategically important object. To win over terrorist groups, it is necessary to take advantageous positions and strengthen the approaches. The situation should not get out of control under any circumstances!

"World Wars 2" - strategy in the entourage of World War II

World Wars 2

In this game you need to control an entire army. Actions unfold on the battlefield, divided into sections. Each section is occupied by army men or opponents. The main purpose of this flash strategy is to defeat the enemy with the help of soldiers and military equipment. Defense, offensive, use of air strikes and artillery are the main types of actions that need to be carried out. At the same time, we should not forget that a blitzkrieg can be counter-attacked!

Military strategy is a complex science, but everyone can understand its secret essence. The player for a while becomes the commander of a huge army, provided with heavy equipment, aviation, artillery. Victory is not far off, but to achieve it, you need to show the talent of the commander!

"Hordes and Lords" - a game in the style of the Middle Ages

Hordes and Lords

In this flash strategy, you need to protect the kingdom from the hordes of orcs. To gain time and weaken the enemy, it is necessary to collect a valiant army and successfully conduct military campaigns. But when the player gains enough strength, you can deal a decisive blow to the enemy.

The chances of winning a victory increase significantly if the gamer makes rational decisions. These are the following aspects:

  • replenishment of the army with archers, cavalry, halberdists;
  • constant improvement of weapons and armor;
  • the choice of advantageous positions - thus the army will bear minimal losses, knocking out the orcs and freeing the land.
"Hordes and Lords" is a flash strategy for true knights who are not afraid of trials.

The game gives tremendous impressions, because it has a lot of special effects. Well, rich strategic capabilities, high-quality graphics and a unique atmosphere make it unique.

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