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Collective investment or investment by the whole world.
A startup company is a newly established company (possibly not yet officially registered but seriously planning to become an official company), building its business on the basis of innovation or innovative technologies, not entering the market or barely beginning to go out on it and possessing a limited set of resources. Often, start-up companies are called "garage companies."

The term "startup" is especially often used for Internet companies and other companies working in the IT field, however, this concept extends to other areas of activity.
You can also call a startup not a company, but a separate venture project within the company.

Investment Ratings

Banks are offering to invest

Now more and more banks offer a very comfortable opportunity to invest, and you just need to press a button, the rest is done by the bank: it finds the most favorable places for investment, and most importantly - it is more profitable for you, more interest than just a deposit in the bank.

It's fantastic, but personally I didn't have enough information to find out.
After all, the thing is quite strange, it seems that the bank should invest, and keep the benefits. And here he does all the work, and the benefit is yours.


Banks are accused of not telling the client the risks.
Let's say the bank is bankrupt. What then?
Then you get your money back, because banks are required to insure the deposits.
What if your money is not in the deposit, but in the investment? Then you don't get anything. That's a loophole.
Essentially the same, but in case of bankruptcy the bank owes you nothing.

Investments can be small and risky. For example, you invest in Yandex, Google and another well-known, stable, reliable company.
How much do you make? - Kopecks. Why? Because they can't grow many times, they're already on top, they can only grow up. But they won't go bankrupt.

Risky assets. This is a great place to make money, but only if you're lucky.
Or lose everything if you're unlucky.
What do we do? Play not from yourself, but from the bank clients, their money. Then in case of luck, the bank will get its interest and a lot of money. And in case of failure, the bank loses nothing, loses the client.

By the way, there is a list of investors with whom the bank is prohibited to deal.
You're not subject to that ban. So the bank risks your funds at maximum.

Business sharks

On RBC TV, it was explained that sharks play in FOREX and similar places.
What do sharks do? - eat small fish.
And the little fish is us.

Think for yourself.


Investment company.

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reliable site

Owner: Yandex

tel.: 8 800 511-73-63
address: Russia, Moscow


A service for buying and selling securities and currency exchange, suitable even for beginners.
This is an information service, which helps to get oriented in the world of stocks and try to earn in the long run.

VTB Bank is a financial partner of the service.
The service allows you to open an online brokerage account, buy and sell shares of Russian and foreign companies, funds and bonds, and exchange dollars and euros at a good rate close to the stock exchange.

If you earn something, only in this case you will be charged taxes.
That is, if you do not earn, they will not take anything from you.
And if you earn, the earnings will be white.

The money can be withdrawn 24/7 to any bank account, and both in rubles and in currency - dollars or euros.
There are no commissions from the service.
When withdrawing currencies there may be commissions from the currency transfer system and the beneficiary bank.
The money from the sale come into the account online and are available for withdrawal immediately.


Investopedia is the world’s leading source of financial content on the web, with more than 20 million unique visitors each month.

Investopedia is the largest financial education website in the world.
Powered by a team of data scientists and financial experts, Investopedia offers timely, trusted and actionable financial information for every investor, from early investors to financial advisors to high net worth individuals.
Investopedia is operated by IAC Publishing, a collection of some of the web’s largest and most trusted digital media brands.

Foundation for Development of Internet initiatives

The Internet Initiatives Development Foundation selects 100 startups and supports them.
The application can send any.

Investors can also participate in the project.


Kraudfanding platform for attracting funding to creative, technical and other projects with the ultimate goal, analogue of the Kickstarter project. Boomstarter attracts funding for a variety of projects, such as making films, technologies, music, video games, publications, etc.

Invest Foresight

Business magazine.

Federal business online magazine about investment, innovation and finance.The publication covers promising areas of investment, "advanced" start-ups, financial technologies and the latest trends in the financial market.

Interviews and expert opinions of leading Russian economists, new business literature, analysis of business-related judicial practice.

The audience - representatives of government, economists, businessmen, investment experts, all who are interested in the latest trends in investment and financial spheres.

Our focus:

  1. the most interesting investment projects;
  2. business-promising technologies, innovations and scientific developments;
  3. issues of investment policy and investment climate;
  4. fintech and financial services;
  5. blockchain and cryptocurrency;

The zone of particular interest of the magazine is regional investment policy and projects launched under the auspices of regional authorities.