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Crowd funding is the joint financing by Internet users of new business projects.


  • Fundraising mainly goes through PayPal,
  • there are sonthing only USA and Canada.
  1. chipin.com - Chipin - When you need to raise funds online for an event or a cause.

WebMoney Funding

A platform for attracting donations to implement your ideas and charity, organize events and take off for collective purchases.
  • Easy registration
  • Creating a project for free
  • No restrictions on national and territorial grounds
  • Immediate withdrawal of funds

    What we can

    • To raise funds for implementing your projects with crowdfunding or people's funding - the collective cooperation of people who voluntarily pool their funds to support the efforts of other people or organizations. In exchange for supporting the project, in the case of collecting the required amount, the donors can usually expect to be rewarded.
    • Organize events. You can create an event (concert, theatrical performance, conference, seminar, etc.), attract participants who will purchase tickets for this event using the WebMoney Funding service.
    • Collect funds for charity. You can raise funds for the implementation of your and other charitable projects.
    • Participate in collective purchases - join in groups to purchase goods in order to save. As a rule, buyers are combined to purchase goods from suppliers at wholesale prices or to order in foreign stores.

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    additional url: yasobe.ru


    Create a page to collect money for a gift or a good deed.
    Maximum amount - 15 000 rub.



    Kraudfanding site of creative initiatives.
    First of all, this site is only for USA and Great Britain.
    In other words, people are unselfishly dumped to film shooting, recording an album, publishing a book, preparing a performance, drawing a poster and much more, just to stay within imagination.

    This is not a collection of funds for personal needs, assistance to the hungry, a business plan.

    An application like Jenny Owen Youngs on the recording of the new album. The $20,000 plan that it needs is done in 28 hours and even 25% overfulfilled.

    Want to have a kick-start film festival on the roof of the old factory in Brooklyn, where we will twirl the shorts of the site's users, Let's collect money, only $2,000 is required, the minimum contribution is a dozen. If we collect (at the time of writing the post they had to collect $200 within 30 hours), there will be a festival. We will not collect - contributions will be returned. Do not rush to support them: give and accept money on the site while it's only allowed to those who have a physical address and a bank account in the US

    The creed of the Kickstarter creators is fascinatingly naive: "we believe that

    1. if the idea is good and people learn about it, then it will succeed,
    2. a large group of people can be a gigantic source of money. "
    Moreover, the users directly and honestly say: you will get nothing, no dividends, no share in the project, except the opportunity to look at the implementation, well, a couple of free passes, if it comes, say, the exhibition, the movie, A party. Moreover, 5% of each user transfer goes to the site. And this, of course, is amazing. Because, holy carrots, it works.

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    Leading Russian site to raise funds for your project. Of course, you should have a good idea, and you are a competent person for its implementation, otherwise your project will not be liked by anyone and you will not be helped.

    Here they do not just give out money, but help to collect them, by unfastening their interest. Distribute the same conditions. No one will give money to an irresponsible person without feedback.

    But if you really believe in your project, you will not have enough money to collect, you will need to spin it, because the more you report about the project, the more people will learn about it with money, and hence with influence.

    By the way, at the moment about half a billion rubles have been collected.


    Project of joint implementation of ideas.
    Based on transparency and choice.
    5.000 projects from more than 200 countries.