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Federation of International Football Associations
UEFA, Union of European Football Associations.

English Premier League

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Russian - Englesh

reliable site

Owner: UEFA
address: Switzerland, Nyon, Route de Genève 46, 1260


Official website of UEFA.
There is a Russian version.
The site is very decent, a lot of statistics and visual information.

Children's Football League

Children's football. News, competitions, photos, which are always nice to see when the bar is finished.

Football schools in Russia.

Maybe you want to send your child to the football school, where each school has an address and phone number.

Maybe you do not want to send anyone to a football school, there are some crocs, it will be useful.

Mini-Football Association Russia

It is clear that there will be information on tournaments, reports on matches, tables, clubs, statistics.

Here is represented a whole series of leagues - from the Super League, to the boys.
Information on international tournaments.
If you study at the university and you guys play well, can you file a claim?

Russian Premier League

The official website of the league, which has a lot of information, not only current, but as for the history of the league, clubs, the history of our football. And of course the operational information of the tournament, the cup.

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Russian Football Union

Russian Football Union.


The portal is dedicated to football matches!
On the site you will find out where and when the match will take place - football matches, schedules, broadcasts, information about the stadiums, venue, addresses and all about the match.

At the top of the screen, The running line of nine of the most popular matches of the English Premier League, the Champions League, the League of Europe, the Spanish La Liga with the dates of their conduct (both past and future). It is possible to obtain detailed information: the map shows the place of its conduct (suddenly it wants to go there); You can write your comment. All the visitors to the site can then read these comments on the main page in the section "Football Life."

Every visitor of the site has the opportunity to report a football match if he is not in the site's database, filling out a special form or simply sending his message with Wishes and feedback about the work of the site, using the feedback.

A good news section of the site is not bad, where you can get acquainted with the latest football news. There is also a news archive here.


Russian-language site of Chelsea fans in London.

The site is always just the latest news about the club, interviews of players and the Chelsea coaching staff, the lineups for matches, match schedules, Chelsea TV, online broadcasts, a forum, live broadcasts from London Chelsea, as well as other clubs and championships.

Photos of players, video reviews of matches with the participation of Chelsea, podcasts, anthem of the club.

Complete statistics of players, coaches, managers. Conferences with experts.