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FIFA World Cup 2018, Russia

Soccer World Cup 2018

The cities in which the 2018 World Cup will be held.

  1. Moscow (central cluster)
  2. Podolsk (central cluster)
  3. St. Petersburg (northern cluster)
  4. Kazan (Volga cluster)
  5. Kaliningrad (northern cluster)
  6. Yekaterinburg (does not belong to clusters)
  7. Samara (Volga cluster)
  8. Yaroslavl (Volga cluster)
  9. Nizhny Novgorod (Volga cluster)
  10. Saransk (Volga cluster)
  11. Volgograd (Volga cluster)
  12. Rostov-on-Don (southern cluster)
  13. Krasnodar (southern cluster)
  14. Sochi (southern cluster)

European Football Championship 2012, Poland, Ukraine

Yandex, UEFA

European Football Championship 2012 logo

2010 FIFA World Cup, South Africa

2010 FIFA World Cup logo




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Panoramas on Google maps added cities and places of the football championship.

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reliable site
address: Russia

Football National League

A high-level site both in design and in functionality, navigation, and of course content. All that we are looking for on the official website - we will find.

Here immediately tape past matches, you do not need to look. There is a match center where detailed information on the match and you can see goals in the record.

Detailed statistics on clubs and players, news ...

Russian Union of fans

The site of the fans. Today his meringue, like without hands. After all, you need to be aware of what happens, get tickets, prepare.

After all, not only football tournaments are held, but also the meetings of fans with their tournaments and conferences.
And when you go home and watch the game on TV, can you share it with your friends? … not always. I should contact my friends.

Football Veterans Union

There are many great players who have left the big sport, but not out of life, and not even from sports. They have something going on and go through their tournaments, not so intense. But we are pleased again and again to learn something about them. ... Or maybe write something to them, thank them.


reliable site
address: Russia

Association Professional Football League

PFL was founded in 1992. Until 2001, PFL held all professional club competitions in Russia. Till 2010 - competitions in the First and Second Divisions.

Since 2013, the Association "Professional Football League" holds the Russian Football Championship among teams of football clubs PFL (Second Division). Association "Professional Football League" a member of the Russian Football Union.

The Association "PFL" includes 58 clubs from 47 subjects of the Russian Federation. The geography of the Russian Football Championship among the teams of PFL clubs is unique in its scope: 9 Republics, 5 Kraev, 31 Oblast, Moscow and St. Petersburg!

Also PFL is in the Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL).

Russian football referee

On the topic it is clear what the site is about. Current official information, who judges where, who is appointed, who is removed.

And a lot of information for judges - about fees, documentation ...