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Free cheese is only in a mousetrap.
Nothing is by nature free.
If you are offered something free, it means that they want something from you.
The question is what?

Well, firstly, why someone offers "free", and someone "for free". What is the difference? What feelings do you call the "freebie"? Are low.
The question is, to whom and why did you need your basest feelings? It's like teenage teens learn to smoke ... or put on a needle. Like, well, prove that you're cool, not a sucker. Cool, then you do not care at all, you're all smarter, smarter. In fact, they use you as a puppet.
So, why did it take someone cool, who at all (including you) does not care, give you something?

If you are offered freebies, this should alert you, be sure you want to be inflated or used.

What to expect if you go to the site at the invitation of a freebie?

  1. Such sites are not uncommon for viruses.
  2. Typically, in such cases, a large number of windows open and you raise the attendance of these sites. In many cases, opening the 10th window, you understand that the proposed page does not exist in nature.
  3. There will be something stolen, hacked, unstable. You become an accessory, in return receive something second-rate.
  4. Once you promise a free mobile phone or something else and will be asked to register. Then wait for spam, not for a mobile phone, of course.


Why do I have to distribute something free?

  1. Free advertising. That is, free things (for example, programs) are much easier to distribute than paid ones. Thus, it claims itself. In one day a new version becomes paid.
  2. Software is paid for by advertising. You do not pay, but there is a banner on it that paid for it. Often you are offered the option of removing a banner for money.
  3. Opera and Firefox came up with an interesting way to make their browsers free. They entered a search from Google and Google pays for the visitors listed.
  4. A raw version for testing. A version is produced, stability can not be ensured. The goal is to create a stable paid version.
  5. Open source software. Thus, any programmer can participate in the development of the program and it is created by the whole world. The goal is to create the best program through the possibility of participating the maximum number of programmers.
  6. Someone writes a book, translates it into an electronic one and spreads it, gaining popularity or spins the name of a website, a company.


As for software, it's not always paid programs that are better than free ones. Most of the best programs are free. Simply most of the free programs are experimental, artisanal, poor quality and difficult to find the right one.

The main plus of successful free programs is nothing superfluous, which means they work fast and do not overload the system, as their paid counterparts do.
But not every paid program has a decent free analog. In addition, the range of free programs is much broader and easier to pick up what you need.


Find cheap things that get rid of the government.

Falling Fruit

A map of the harvest in the city.

On the map are marked fruit trees or bushes where you can pick fruit for free.
Usually in the city such trees grow for decorative purposes and eating from them is not forbidden.
It is not quite clear who and how collects the base. But there is one such tree in St. Petersburg and it is called the BEREZA (BIRCH).



Points where chain stores or markets throw food still usable.