Dot-com collapse

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Dot-com collapse

The dotcom boom
The rise of shares of Internet companies (mostly American), as well as the emergence of a large number of new Internet companies and the reorientation of old companies to the Internet business in the late XX century.

The shares of companies offering to use the Internet to generate revenue, fabulously soared in price . Such high prices were justified by numerous commentators and economists who claimed that the "new economy" had come.

(Domain in the .COM zone)
The nominal name of the company, whose business model is entirely based on work within the Internet (initially only .com registered commercial organizations).
The collapse of dotcoms
Most dotcom companies burst together with the American stock exchange.
Wikipedia - Dot-com bubble

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Until now, there are naive people who believe in rapid success through participation in financial pyramids, network marketing, easy luck in the game of thimbles.
Also, there are still people who believe in a successful business from scratch, something like 12 principles of a successful businessman or success only from the fact that this is an Internet business.

The collapse of dotcoms once again showed that the world is real. It is not possible to build a business without understanding what is going on. Real success is achieved by people who know what they want and what happens.