Not to lose

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Not to lose

It's clear that if we can buy a domain, then we can and lose:
  • First of all, we can simply refuse from him and just stop paying for the renewal.
  • Lose by inattention, for example, forgetting to pay.
  • We can simply steal from him - having got your login and password, you can change your registration data to your own and reconfigure it to your hosting.

Preventive measures of protection

  1. Buy as soon as possible, until someone else intercepts it and you do not have to redeem it. Generally I recommend:
    1. choose a name,
    2. will buy the corresponding domain,
    3. and then register a company with this name

  2. Purchase a domain name separately from the hosting or make sure that you will be provided with control panel by your domain. As a rule, if you are offered a free domain, then you will not have access.

  3. Do not lose and protect all information about the domain (it usually happens in the 1st registration letter), as well as the login and password. To do this, you can use one of the password managers.

  4. Antivirus - surely protect your computer from information leakage.

  5. Password must be complex, a complex password is a combination of numbers, big and small letters, do not think of using a date of birth or any date at all

  6. email. Inform in advance the changed email address. Use a good postal service to avoid that you have a box full and new emails are deleted, or vice versa, you rarely use and your account has been deleted. I recommend Gmail. Password must also be complex. Remember, having access to your mail, a person gets access to all your passwords (details).

  7. Do not rely on the registrar's reminder, pay on time re-registration of the domain.

  8. Do not use the untrusted services services.

  9. Verify that the information in Whois is correct.

  10. Wanting to transfer the domain, for example, when changing hosting, do this long before the end of the re-registration period.

  11. Also use the site only for legal content, otherwise the chance of losing the domain is very large, regardless of the reliability of the registrar.