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Registration of domain names that are close to writing with the addresses of popular sites in the calculation of the error of some users.
For example, wwwlenta.ru In the calculation for the user who wanted to get to 'www.lenta.ru'. With proximity to very popular domains, a typos can create on its website a certain percentage of 'missed' visitors and earn money by advertising.
logo andex Does it harm anyone?
And why is this considered a variation of cybersquatting?
After all cybersquatting captures domain names and firms have to redeem a domain name or sue.
Typosquatting is simply "basking in the rays of glory" or eating crumbs falling from the owners' table.
On Microsoft does not agree with this and sues people who bought a whole group of domain names consonant with Windows products.


  1. Make money on advertising. For example. andex.ru.
    But the leading advertisers refuse to place their advertising modules on these kinds of sites.

  2. Raise the traffic of your site through redirect. For example. wwwyndex.ru.

  3. Sick. For example, the clever man from Peter registered a number of domain names in which the word Google was written with a misspelling (googkle.com, ghoogle.com, gfoogle.com and gooigle.com). Inattentive users visited these sites and were infected with viruses (Web Planet). In this case, Google caused direct damage, because it was not difficult to take them from him.