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  1. - Secret reviews of new buildings SPB - A detailed study of new buildings of St. Petersburg and the region by journalists under the guise of a buyer.

RBC Real Estate

Sale of real estate in Moscow, Moscow region and some regions Russia And Abroad.

News, information, ratings ... all the same RBC.

The site will help you to decide who wants to invest in real estate primarily in Moscow or abroad.

  1. apartments in apartment buildings (primary and secondary market);
  2. suburban real estate (cottages, villas, land plots);
  3. Commercial real estate (offices, shops, warehouses).

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Construction Petersburg

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Indicators of real estate market

Indicators of the real estate market.
Describe this kind of site - it's not a grateful thing.
Just re-recommend, as one of the leading in its field.
The site has a lot of information, which is good, you can find it useful for yourself.


An expert in real estate.
Sale, purchase, taxes, utilities, inheritance, subsidies ...

Free legal advice.

Useful site on housing issues. Recommended for visiting. Large funds are involved in the housing issue, so any information and advice can be extremely useful.


The portal for real estate in Russia and abroad, provides operational data on the state of the real estate market, analytical information, advice on the mortgage.

The main feature Project is a free service for individuals, real estate and construction companies in the search for proposals for the purchase, sale and rent of apartments, country houses and land.


Housing law in simple words.
For all types of real estate: apartment, house, cottage, plot, garage, non-residential premises.

Free round-the-clock online legal advice on real estate, land issues, housing issues.

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