Share building

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Share building

Shareholders Protection Society

The organization established in order to provide advice and legal assistance to the participants of shared construction.

Penalty recovery from the developer in St. Petersburg and Russia.
Free consultation.

  1. More than 700 cases won
  2. Won 100% of cases with troubled developers
  3. Over 200 million rubles collected from developers
  4. Our lawyers worked with 95% of problem objects in St. Petersburg
  5. Perform turnkey work
  6. We go to court independently and prepare all the documents.
Assistance in resolving virtually any disputable situation that may arise before and after entering into an agreement with the developer:
  • Penalty recovery.
  • Any disputes with the developer.
  • Recovery of elimination costs.
  • Termination of a share agreement with a developer (DDU).
  • Executive production from the developer.
  • Bankruptcy developer.
  • The conclusion about the reliability of the developer.