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Car lawer
For justice.

A specialized company, the largest in the territory of central and eastern Europe in terms of the number of offices and the number of employees dealing only with issues related to the deprivation of rights.
Free advice of a car dealer, the services of an auto-dealer with forfeiture.

First of all their book will help you Or application on Android or iPhone. Also the site will help.

You have a situation and you are wrongfully deprived of rights or fined. Or maybe you are to blame. But what to do next, what is the solution? The company Avturyurist helps you to know your basic rights, the duties of inspectors of the traffic police ...

Offices of the Avturist on the map .

Solving legal problems
Free legal advice.

The purpose of the portal is to help solve legal problems.

Articles are informative and relevant.

Free online legal advice.

The law is simple!
Free Legal Aid Hotline.

Free Legal Aid Hotline.

  1. Legal framework
  2. Auditor’s recommendations
  3. Reference information
  4. Services
  5. Free consultation
  6. FAQs
Federal legislation.
Regional legislation.
Tax Accounting.
HR records management.
Sample of the contract of donation.
Forms of documents.
Law Dictionary.
Agreement on the division of property of spouses.
Chart of accounts.
Rates, rates, index.
Rules boo. accounting.
How to get a passport.
Entry into inheritance by will.
How to get maternity capital.
How to get a passport to the apartment.
How to make a divorce.
Sample new policy OMS.
Free legal advice.

Free legal advice.

Legal portal on laws for ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation, complex legal issues in simple language.

The goal is to make the interaction of an individual with the state easier and more efficient.

The key function is to inform the population of the country about their capabilities:

  1. Proper and economical payment of taxes;
  2. Benefits, which many do not even know;
  3. Helping people who are in a difficult life situation.

Main sections

Car law.
Military law.
Citizenship and Migration.
Debts and loans.
Housing law.
Benefits and subsidies.
Medical law.
Taxes of individuals.
Consumer rights.
Family Law.
Labor Law.
Criminal law.

Consumer rights Protection
The purpose of the site is to help people in a difficult situation.

The purpose of the site is to help people in a difficult situation.

For example, in order to buy a product, connect a service ... everything is done easily and conveniently, in one click.
But if something went wrong, everything becomes incomprehensible, it is not convenient, and there is a need for information support in order to know what to do, and at one time also with specific help.

Here, perhaps the main thing is to help you in your situation, and for this there are different ways of communication:

  1. Free consultation of a lawyer, here the phone numbers are only Moscow and St. Petersburg, but through the site you can order a free call of a lawyer to you,
  2. write through the contact form or ask confidential,
  3. ask a question in public that everyone will see
  4. See what questions others asked and what answers they received.

Barnabasfund -
Help persecuted for their faith.

Practical help to the persecuted churches.
Until recently, there was a Russian, probably machine translation.
Probably it was removed, because you can use Translator from Google. And if you have a Google Chrome browser, the translator is built-in.
Just so you realize that your letter in Russian is not read by anyone.
It's an international service and you need to use international communication tools.

You can also take part in donations or write another letter in defense of the persecuted church. The second is more important, do your bit.

Criminal expert
Free legal advice.

Free legal advice.

On the site you can get a free consultation by phone or via chat.

The site has high-quality information that can help the convicted.

The site is one of the most popular in its subject according to Yandex.

Sale, purchase, taxes, utilities.

An expert in real estate.
Sale, purchase, taxes, utilities, inheritance, subsidies ...

Free legal advice.

Useful site on housing issues. Recommended for visiting. Large funds are involved in the housing issue, so any information and advice can be extremely useful.

Free search for details of organizations in Russia.

Free search for details of organizations in Russia.

Information about companies is collected from open sources and is constantly updated with new companies.

Regular update.

The following information is available for each organization: the full name of the company, its legal address and telephone number, TIN, OGRN, OKATO codes, OKPO, as well as the date of registration of the company and the name of the registering authority that assigned the organization all of the above details.

Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
As stated, the site online version of the Criminal Code.

As stated, the site online version of the Criminal Code.

You can also download the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in .rtf format (it will open Word or built into Windows Wordpad).

Free legal advice.

Protection of social rights of the population
Free legal advice on social issues.

Free legal advice on social issues.

Preparation of the necessary documents.
Representing your interests in court.

Social human rights are a system of constitutional rights that enable an individual to obtain a number of guarantees from the State concerning certain tangible and intangible benefits.
The category of social rights includes:

  • the right to housing,
  • right to social security,
  • the right to health care and protection,
  • the right to education. -
The law firms rating

The law firms rating goal is to increase the transparency of the Russian legal services market.

The rating is actively used by corporate lawyers and representatives of the tender departments of corporations to search and select contractors.

The international auditing company Deloitte is the auditor of the rating for the fifth year in a row.

The rating methodology is based on the assessment of the project experience of law firms, as well as on customer feedback regarding the quality, level of service and the ratio of cost and quality of legal services.

To improve the rating mechanisms, an independent Expert Council has been created, consisting of the heads of legal departments of large Russian and international corporations.

Online magazine for lawyers.

Online assistant for lawyers, created by lawyers for lawyers.

Materials on the site in a professional format: practical articles, step-by-step instructions on solving legal problems, samples of legal documents.

The main emphasis in the preparation of materials on their practical value . This is not a retelling of the provisions of normative acts “free style”, but professionally oriented texts containing analytical calculations, examples from judicial practice, blocks of especially significant information on various issues.

Of particular value is an extensive collection of samples of legal documents: contracts, various complaints and claims, judicial procedural documents, forms for corporate procedures, etc.

Links to samples are placed in articles on relevant topics, where they can be downloaded without any restrictions.

Findlaw -
A leading online service for free legal information.

A leading online service for free legal information, working to provide consumers and lawyers with relevant legal news, information and resources.

Whether you are looking for a lawyer, DIY advice or specific information to better understand a legal problem, or you are a lawyer yourself, who wants to expand your practice and better serve your clients, FindLaw tries to be a reliable source to whom you turn for answers.

ConsultantPlus -
Forms laws.

Legislation of the Russian Federation: codes, laws, decrees, resolutions, normative acts.

Legal subtleties in simple language.

Legal subtleties in simple language.

  1. Taxes.
  2. Pension.
  3. Housing issues.
  4. Real estate and land.
  5. Auto.
  6. Family matters.
  7. Labor issues.

Kiss -
Legal documents for the founders of start-ups and investors.

Legal documents for the founders of start-ups and investors.

Active Labour Inspection

Free consultation in labor inspectorate on labor relations.
Here you can apply to the labor inspectorate if our rights are violated or learn how to get out of the problem situations at work.

Docracy -
Open collection of free legal documents.

Open collection of free legal documents.

Docracy is a home for contracts and other legal documents, socially curated by the communities that use them.

Mission - to make these documents freely available for everyone, while in the process making them easier to customize and use. No more shady templates behind a paywall where you click download and just hope for the best. Instead we offer reputable, transparent sources and social proof to help you find something as close as possible to the perfect document.

Society for the Protection of consumer rights
Forum, examination, legal literacy campaign, legislation, regulations, links ...

Forum, expertise, legal education, legislation, regulations, links ...
Free legal advice for pensioners.

Free legal advice for pensioners.
All-Russian legal portal.
On the site you can find answers to any legal questions, as well as get advice from a professional lawyer.

Round the clock.
More than 700 specialists.

The National News Agency News 9111
Legal advice online - free advice of lawyers and lawyers.

Legal advice online - free advice of lawyers and lawyers.
The goal is to overcome the legal illiteracy of all sections of the population.


  1. Providing legal assistance to people and organizations.
  2. Combining the efforts of lawyers from various regions of Russia, CIS countries and abroad for Providing legal assistance and legal services to an unlimited number of persons
  3. Creating the conditions for the fullest possible implementation by qualified lawyers of professional knowledge and experience and increasing their income through the provision of distance legal services
  4. firs and clients with legal practitioners, lawyers and other professionals-lawyers.
service is free, but if you want an answer right now, you need to pay and the answer will be sent within 5 minutes.
That is, free help will be at the level of the forum, and professional - paid

Hieros Gamos -
Global Directory of Lawyers.

Global Directory of Lawyers.

One of the oldest websites on legislation and government.
Founded in January 1995 by Lex Mundi, a large network of independent law firms.
The aim is to provide easy and free access to information about legislation, government and relevant professional information for lawyers, businesses and consumers.

Catalogue of law firms and networks covering 195 countries with 5000 cities in 260 practice areas.
The Expert Witness Catalogue covers expertise in 1,500 general areas and 700 diseases and diseases.
Thousands of articles, hundreds of special legal pages, information on 150 legal networks, 2,000 law schools in 130 countries, job lists, over 4,000 videos, legal events and links to governments and agencies around the world.

Consumer Guide
Consumer Protection with Explanation.

Consumer protection with explanations.

The project helps consumers competently assert their rights when purchasing a product or service.

The articles were prepared by lawyers with practice in this field who will respond in the comments.

Free legal advice in the chat.
The main legal and legal media in Russia.

The main legal and legal media in Russia.

Main sections speak for themselves

  1. Conferences.
  2. Judges file.
  3. Base of ships.
  4. Legal counseling.
  5. Documents.
  6. Blogs.
This is not only a legal information site, but also consultations and practical articles.


How to buy arrested property?
Open, this is the gas police!
Loans from the founder, drunken judge and other interesting affairs of the Supreme Court.
Civic College told how to live.
Legal detective: three stories about the search for foreign assets.
The Supreme Court recalled that the courts should motivate the reduction of sudrazdov.
The Supreme Court issued the fourth review of the practice in 2018.
The most interesting bills of December.
Student's Day: German curse and bureaucracy on the example of a meat grinder.

The site is informative, useful, interesting. Therefore, it is one of the leading sites by law in Russia according to Yandex.

Housing law in simple words.

Housing law in simple words.
For all types of real estate: apartment, house, cottage, plot, garage, non-residential premises.

Free round-the-clock online legal advice on real estate, land issues, housing issues.

Hot Topics

  • New building
  • Design
  • Legacy
  • Redesign
  • Privatization
  • Subsidies
  • Registration
  • Legacy
  • Donation
  • Documents
  • Taxes

You can use the services of a professional lawyer online.

Professional legal assistance anywhere in the world.

You can use the services of a professional lawyer online.

Legal advice in online chat.
Consultations are carried out 24 hours a day, without registration and without specifying a phone number, in question-answer format.

All benefits
Benefits, subsidies and government programs for families with children.

Benefits, subsidies and government programs for families with children.Children's benefits.
Child benefit for low-income families.
Benefits and benefits for disabled children.
School Allowance.
Children's benefits.
Having many children.
Rights and benefits.
Maternal capital.

Reducing the mortgage at birth.
Subsidies to pay for utilities.
Can I not pay for the overhaul?
Single ticket to the Crimea.
How much is a children's train ticket.
Lump-sum allowance to the wife of a conscript.


  1. unemployment;
  2. for disability;
  3. in connection with maternity;
  4. child care, etc .;
  5. for keeping a child in kindergarten;

Laws, codes, regulations and judicial acts
Base of normative legal acts of the legislation of the Russian Federation and judicial acts adopted by the courts of the Russian Federation at various levels, on the basis of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Base of normative legal acts of the legislation of the Russian Federation and judicial acts adopted by the courts of the Russian Federation at various levels, on the basis of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Documents updated daily. All documents are presented in the current edition, for a number of documents additionally also are the revisions that are no longer valid. In addition, the site contains a number of the most fundamental from the legal point of view of the regulatory legal acts previously operating in the territory of the USSR and the RSFSR.


Justia dockets -
RSS feeds for a new trial.

RSS Feeds for a New Trial.


Social network for lawyers to discuss the law.