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  1. - The Fab Web - A good base of art photos in high resolution, which can be downloaded for free.
  2. - Freestocks - Here you can find a lot of images that haven't had time to get to the web yet.
  3. - Libreshot - The private collection of photographer Martin Vorell, which includes images of people in architecture, nature and technology.
  4. - Public Domain Photos - A repository of free pictures created by the PDP team of photographers.
  5. - Freerange Stock - A large number of amateur photos can be found here. Many of them cannot be called works of art, but as illustrations they are quite suitable.
  6. - Morguefile - A large archive of images, replenished by the community of professional photographers and amateurs.
  7. - Negative Space - A catalogue of various photos that can be filtered by category, color and tag.
  8. - Pickup Image - A large database of images of different quality. Content is not organized by category, but you can search for the right images by keywords.
  9. - Pikwizard - Well structured base with a million quality photos and videos.
  10. - Freestock - Thousands of photos, icons and vector illustrations. Images for the resource are selected by professional photographers and designers.
  11. - Free Stock Images - Russian photostock with 50,000 shots in high resolution. Files are uploaded by users, but are thoroughly moderated.
  12. - Public Domain Pictures - Mass of amateur photos. Most of the images are not of the best quality, but they are caught and worthy of attention work.
  13. - Rawpixel - After registration any user can download 10 images per day from the free section.
  14. - Unifying creators - The resource focuses not on the quantity, but on the quality of images. Pictures are subject to strict manual selection, so they do not look like typical photos from the free drains.
  15. - 0lik - Download all kinds of clipart for free.
  16. - Tech & ALL - A lot of clipart, high resolution photos, scripts, etc. A good place for a web designer.

3D models

  1. - 3DCenter
  2. -
  3. - TurbosquID

Books & Encyclopaedias

  1. - Encyclopedia of Numbers and Facts
  2. - Encyclopedia of mathematical formulas for designers
  3. - Encyclopedia of optical illusions

Books & Encyclopedia

  1. - Design from the inside - Design theory and practice.

Books & Encyclopedias

  1. - Encyclopedia of Aphorisms

Books and Encyclopaedias

  1. -

Brushes for Photoshop

  1. - BlueVertigo
  2. - All of Photoshop


  1. - How to create a calendar grid in Illustrator

Diploma and Certificate forms

  1. - How to draw background elements and tangiers

Encyclopedic, terminological dictionaries and publications

  1. - LIB - Terms and Internet jargon.


  1. - Symbols, signs, icons in curves
  2. - Vectorization - Stand-alone programs.

Free Photos

  1. - Morguefile

Galleries of work (for inspiration)

  1. - Corporate styles, mega-collections

Gigapixel photo

  1. - Free Section of Pixeden - Free works :, templates, bootstrap themes, icons on the site, etc.

Graphic arts

  1. - Freebiesbug - Fresh free works for designers.

How to draw a certificate

  1. - A plugin for Corel: Oberon Securi Design

Interesting research

  1. - MehdiPlugins
  2. - Artistic-Effects
  3. - Photo-Plugins

Lessons and Templates

  1. - How to prepare files for printing and what you should know to communicate with the printer
  2. - How to prepare files for large format printing
  3. - Examples on Photoshop
  4. - Examples on Photoshop.

Photo cliparts

  1. - Test shots of new cameras
  2. - Old Postcards
  3. - Soviet Posters, Postcards
  4. -


  1. - Scans of illustrations from old books, there are over 1000 pixels

Pressing topics

  1. - How much money should I take from the customer for the design ...
  2. - - Project dedicated to vector graphics and everything related to it
  3. - Typographic PDF for dommies - How to make a proper PDF file for the print shop

Resource directories

  1. - deviantART - The social network of artists.


  1. - Marvel - Free work from the designers we love.


  1. - Freebbble - Free design elements from Dribbble.

To website

  1. - Graphic Burger - Attractive work done with care for every pixel.


  1. - UI Space - High-quality work for cool people.


  1. - Wallpapers


Database of world metros.

Here and photos and videos and various maps.

And most importantly - a lot of information. Just click on the city and get the date of the first launch, the length, the number of stations, lines, passenger traffic ...

Subway logos, fonts of these logos, wallpapers, subway museums, ...

A lot of all sorts of information, it seems, everything that can be collected by metro has been collected here.

You can look at the countries or metro statistics all over the world. 215 subways with a length of almost 15,000 km. Scale of growth.

You can see everything in the table.

Visit out of curiosity.

Russian - Englesh

reliable site

Owner: Freepik

address: USA


Large base of images in popular formats, including PSD and vector.
Postcard for any event, pictures for drawing infographics.

The Hungry JPEG

The whole site will be of little interest to us.
Interested can learn.
But nm is interesting section Freebies (free).
This is a non-commercial or advertising part of the site. Many interesting clipart and other graphics can be taken.

Russian - Englesh

Tens of thousands of decomposed on the themes of the clipart, vector and raster graphics.

PNG pictures for web design.
Big base.
Simple easy site, practically without design.
Here simply the search form and the structured list of topics and sub-topics.

We are looking for a number of pictures, select and download.
It is important that the pictures are large in size with a transparent background.

Russian - Englesh


Download free PSD every day.


An extensive reference database of drawings with dimensions documenting the standard sizes and dimensions of everyday objects and spaces that make up our world.

Resources will be of interest to professional designers, students and ....

Drawings are available for download in .dwg, .svg and .jpg formats.


Getty Images

The world's leading photographic agency. Well, in any case, the best of working through Internet. The base has about 150 million photos.
The site does not have a Russian version.

Photos can be bought, and 40 million photos can be used for free for

iTunes Android

Free Section of Creative Market

Fresh free work on Mondays.

Premium Pixels

Resources for the designer: clipart, icons, brushes for Photoshop, etc.

Allows you to download free e-books.
Maxim Moshkov Library - Christianity and Biblical Literature and Publicism.

Maxim Moshkov Library

Flat Icon

A huge free collection of icons in the vector - more than 200 000.
Choose a collection, get the content on the screen, you can download only what you need or the entire collection.
H always the whole collection is placed on the page, it needs to be flipped, but if we want to download the entire collection and press 'Download Pack', then we download the whole collection, not just the contents of this page.
What I saw, did not see the filler, for quantity. All icons look stylish.

I usually look at the Facebook icons. Usually the letter A is centered, although in the logo on the right. Here as it is necessary and in social icons I see VK.
That is, the icons are stylish, expressive, quality, fresh.
There is something to choose from, there is a search.



Blog with open-source graphics for web designers: icons, brushes, clipart ...