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Package design

  1. - Antonio Carusone - Articles about design with examples of works.
  2. - ArtAgeLess - A site from creative people about design and creativity.

What the Pack

The largest Russian-speaking project on branding and packaging design. The site is conducted by experienced and young specialists of our country's branding and foreign designers and agencies.
  1. Surveys and analytics
  2. Direct speech by reputable experts
  3. Testing and evaluation of fresh projects
  4. Organization and coverage of professional events
  5. Support for educational programs
  6. Contests for designers and illustrators

The Dieline

Recognized world information resource about packaging.
The site brings an understanding of the tremendous value in a well thought out brand packaging.
Perfect packaging directly informs the success of a product or brand.

BXP Magazine

Journal of design in the package. Reviews, articles, comments.
The conversation will focus on color, packaging for expensive goods, printing ...
In addition to this kind of technical stuff, there are webinars, conferences about business strategies ...


Packaging of the World

Gallery of creative packaging. Packing from all over the world.
The creation of packaging is an expensive and creative business. After all, it is necessary that she was seen, attracted attention, it was clear that this ... shorter should be sold. From this side we know it.
And to make her look worthy, behind this is the serious work of the designer.
This site presents packaging as a design, and they are presented (photographed) beautifully.