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address: USA


Community for demonstrating to the user the production of works of art. It functions as a self-promotion and network platform for graphic design, web design, illustration, photography and other creative areas.

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Kitchen logmakers.
A site in the help first of all to professional designers.
  1. Ready-made works are uploaded,
  2. Chefs evaluate them,
  3. authors and their work receive a rating,
  4. most "Delicious" go to the book.

To test

Here there are raw works that are still in process. For discussion, constructive criticism, fresh outlook. There is already another assessment, not yet to work, but only to the master.

address: Russia


Community of professional designers, illustrators, 3D-designers, web designers, graphic designers and specialists in mettpining. In the community of communication, work is laid out for discussion for constructive criticism and rating.

At the end of the month, the work with 100 points is nominated for the best job of the month. 9 works are selected, which are placed on the main page of the site and fall into the permanent catalog of the best works.