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Logos and logos

  1. upages.io/nahodki/ofitsialnye_tsveta - upages - Official colors of famous brands.

Galleries of work (for inspiration)

  1. nobr.livejournal.com - Corporate styles, mega-collections


Database of world metros.

Here and photos and videos and various maps.

And most importantly - a lot of information. Just click on the city and get the date of the first launch, the length, the number of stations, lines, passenger traffic ...

Subway logos, fonts of these logos, wallpapers, subway museums, ...

A lot of all sorts of information, it seems, everything that can be collected by metro has been collected here.

You can look at the countries or metro statistics all over the world. 215 subways with a length of almost 15,000 km. Scale of growth.

You can see everything in the table.

Visit out of curiosity.

Yandex Logos

Yandex logos are stylized for holidays or events by years.

Here you will find an archieve of those logos.

Russian - Englesh

reliable site

Owner: Google
address: USA, Mountain View, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, 94043

Google Logos

Doodles - Google logos stylized for holidays or events by years.

Google Logos

Design Inspiration

Internet resource of design for the inspiration of designers and for designers. Here are illustrations and logos.


The Logo Mix

The site claims that it has the best logos.
I will not argue, I will not argue.
Download for free does not work out that well.
There are sites where you can take something for free. You take the best that there is and use, but then you meet the same everywhere and everywhere.
It's better to buy and that it's just yours.

address: USA, Miami

Brand Colors

Corporate colors of famous brands.


Kitchen logmakers.
A site in the help first of all to professional designers.
  1. Ready-made works are uploaded,
  2. Chefs evaluate them,
  3. authors and their work receive a rating,
  4. most "Delicious" go to the book.

To test

Here there are raw works that are still in process. For discussion, constructive criticism, fresh outlook. There is already another assessment, not yet to work, but only to the master.


The site is an inspiration and showcase of works from designers of various classes from around the world. On the site you will not get anything, there is no organized site. But there is copyright, contact the authors and agree.