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Perhaps the most high-quality Christian portal in every respect: design, content, support ...
The site of Christian resources, Christian chats, forums, free programs, music and songs, news and much more.

address: Ukraine

Super-library of resources: postcards, humor, articles, ideas for weddings, stories, comics, games, midi, MP3, illustrations, statistics, skits, phrases, ideas, hr tips. Psychologists, answers to questions, news, etc.

The number of real resources has exceeded 8.000 pieces!

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Christian portal.
Bible with a search.
Christian news, gallery of sacred places.
Christian forum, chat, postcards, addresses of churches.

address: Russia


A very decent blog, which has a lot of useful text and video information, and other materials. The site is well-structured, everything is clear.
It's clear that you can participate, the blog is still.
The main condition is that the material is spiritual food.
All information on the site is free and free for non-commercial Distribution.

address: Russia


Auxiliary materials for Christian ministry and work with youth and children:
  • games,
  • skits,
  • wedding materials,
  • Sunday school,
  • Bible questions,
  • summer camps,
  • ideas ...