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The Internet allows you to find answers to our questions:

Through search engines

For example, through regular search engines - Google, Yandex.

The search engine is now running in test mode.

On forums

This is something like asking the bus "how to drive" and you begin to explain the entire bus, and you already decide who to listen to. A good forum is being promoted by specialists, for example there is a difference: you ask the recipe from the chef or those who have nothing to do.


With the help of the Internet, you can get expert advice from a specialist.

It does not matter if there is a competent specialist in our locality, or not, the Internet removes the boundaries between the city and the village.

As a rule, consultations on simple issues are free, for serious ones - most likely paid.
But after all, they and not on the Internet are paid, just do not stand in line, agree on a convenient time for us, to get to, look for.
Here we choose a convenient time for us and an armchair.

Consultations can be obtained to the sites of experts, through forms to the sites, similar to the following.
In addition, the Internet provides a unique opportunity to seek advice and assistance through forums.
For example:

  1. I have a question about PHP programming,
  2. I find out what the leading PHP forums are,
  3. I go in, register and ask a question,
  4. Specialists at the country level offer something.
Of course, this does not always solve the problem. The solution depends on the competently posed question and on its complexity. Nobody will solve all your problems for you. Once you need to learn something yourself, once you need to pay for qualified help.
But everything that can be solved free, it is necessary to solve free.


  1. - - Site of free medical consultations.

reliable site

Owner: VK Group
address: Russia, Moscow


Portal for lovers of cats and dogs.
There are news, stories, tips, videos, games ...

Free consultations of a specialist (veterinarian, cynologist ...) around the clock, although the answer will have to wait, it will take several hours .

IT Техник

Computer secrets for beginners and professionals.

Felk Victor's blog.

Everything about computers and software for beginners and professionals.

Useful Tips

  1. for Windows, Android, iOS;
  2. reviews of applications and online services;
  3. ways to eliminate viruses and other threats.
There is an opportunity to ask a question and get an answer, as well as read the answers to the questions of other site visitors. There is a search, so you can search for an answer, maybe someone has already asked such a question and don’t have to wait, but read the answer right away. All questions are structured into categories, which simplifies use.

Shareholders Protection Society

The organization established in order to provide advice and legal assistance to the participants of shared construction.

Penalty recovery from the developer in St. Petersburg and Russia.
Free consultation.

  1. More than 700 cases won
  2. Won 100% of cases with troubled developers
  3. Over 200 million rubles collected from developers
  4. Our lawyers worked with 95% of problem objects in St. Petersburg
  5. Perform turnkey work
  6. We go to court independently and prepare all the documents.
Assistance in resolving virtually any disputable situation that may arise before and after entering into an agreement with the developer:
  • Penalty recovery.
  • Any disputes with the developer.
  • Recovery of elimination costs.
  • Termination of a share agreement with a developer (DDU).
  • Executive production from the developer.
  • Bankruptcy developer.
  • The conclusion about the reliability of the developer.

The National News Agency News 9111

Legal advice online - free advice of lawyers and lawyers.
The goal is to overcome the legal illiteracy of all sections of the population.


  1. Providing legal assistance to people and organizations.
  2. Combining the efforts of lawyers from various regions of Russia, CIS countries and abroad for Providing legal assistance and legal services to an unlimited number of persons
  3. Creating the conditions for the fullest possible implementation by qualified lawyers of professional knowledge and experience and increasing their income through the provision of distance legal services
  4. firs and clients with legal practitioners, lawyers and other professionals-lawyers.
service is free, but if you want an answer right now, you need to pay and the answer will be sent within 5 minutes.
That is, free help will be at the level of the forum, and professional - paid

iTunes Android

Mr. Money Mustache

Financial advice through Badassity.

iTunes Android

address: Russia

Ask the Doctor

Ask the Doctor - a free online consultation.

Nothing superfluous! The visitor asked the question -> received a response from a specialist, a list of recommended drugs, medical centers in which you can contact and a list of similar issues. After that, the visitor is given the opportunity to make the most of the choice:

  • read the detailed information on the recommended medicines and order at the nearest pharmacy
  • to personally contact a specialist by signing up for him
  • to go to a medical facility
Obsessive information sections, superfluous functions and advertising. Here are medical articles and news, this is a medical advisory service online.