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Contacted all of the following sites.
All promise to call back, many promise to call back soon, even within 10 minutes.
In fact I only got back call from 2 numbers (not within 10 minutes):
  • +7 800 505-26-85 - they say that everything is bad and can be solved through Viber or WhatsApp 450 rubles per hour.
  • +7 800 100-58-49 - refusal because they do not work in our region.
  • .
  • the rest did not call back
  • .

Federal ministries, services and agencies

  1. - Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare

Free legal advice.

Legal portal on laws for ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation, complex legal issues in simple language.

The goal is to make the interaction of an individual with the state easier and more efficient.

The key function is to inform the population of the country about their capabilities:

  1. Proper and economical payment of taxes;
  2. Benefits, which many do not even know;
  3. Helping people who are in a difficult life situation.

Main sections

Car law.
Military law.
Citizenship and Migration.
Debts and loans.
Housing law.
Benefits and subsidies.
Medical law.
Taxes of individuals.
Consumer rights.
Family Law.
Labor Law.
Criminal law.


reliable site

tel.: 8 800 511-75-96
address: Russia

The law is simple!

Free Legal Aid Hotline.
  1. Legal framework
  2. Auditor’s recommendations
  3. Reference information
  4. Services
  5. Free consultation
  6. FAQs
Federal legislation.
Regional legislation.
Tax Accounting.
HR records management.
Sample of the contract of donation.
Forms of documents.
Law Dictionary.
Agreement on the division of property of spouses.
Chart of accounts.
Rates, rates, index.
Rules boo. accounting.
How to get a passport.
Entry into inheritance by will.
How to get maternity capital.
How to get a passport to the apartment.
How to make a divorce.
Sample new policy OMS.

Consumer rights Protection

The purpose of the site is to help people in a difficult situation.

For example, in order to buy a product, connect a service ... everything is done easily and conveniently, in one click.
But if something went wrong, everything becomes incomprehensible, it is not convenient, and there is a need for information support in order to know what to do, and at one time also with specific help.

Here, perhaps the main thing is to help you in your situation, and for this there are different ways of communication:

  1. Free consultation of a lawyer, here the phone numbers are only Moscow and St. Petersburg, but through the site you can order a free call of a lawyer to you,
  2. write through the contact form or ask confidential,
  3. ask a question in public that everyone will see
  4. See what questions others asked and what answers they received.

Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

As stated, the site online version of the Criminal Code.

You can also download the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in .rtf format (it will open Word or built into Windows Wordpad).

Free legal advice.


reliable site

tel.: 8 800 5058381
address: Russia

Protection of social rights of the population

Free legal advice on social issues.

Preparation of the necessary documents.
Representing your interests in court.

Social human rights are a system of constitutional rights that enable an individual to obtain a number of guarantees from the State concerning certain tangible and intangible benefits.
The category of social rights includes:

  • the right to housing,
  • right to social security,
  • the right to health care and protection,
  • the right to education.


Legal subtleties in simple language.
  1. Taxes.
  2. Pension.
  3. Housing issues.
  4. Real estate and land.
  5. Auto.
  6. Family matters.
  7. Labor issues.


An expert in real estate.
Sale, purchase, taxes, utilities, inheritance, subsidies ...

Free legal advice.

Useful site on housing issues. Recommended for visiting. Large funds are involved in the housing issue, so any information and advice can be extremely useful.


A leading online service for free legal information, working to provide consumers and lawyers with relevant legal news, information and resources.

Whether you are looking for a lawyer, DIY advice or specific information to better understand a legal problem, or you are a lawyer yourself, who wants to expand your practice and better serve your clients, FindLaw tries to be a reliable source to whom you turn for answers.

address: Russia

Lawyer consulting

Legal advice on Russia and Belarus is free.

In fact, the site has a telephone number for communication and a form where we enter the phone number and the question, and we are called back.


Hieros Gamos

Global Directory of Lawyers.

One of the oldest websites on legislation and government.
Founded in January 1995 by Lex Mundi, a large network of independent law firms.
The aim is to provide easy and free access to information about legislation, government and relevant professional information for lawyers, businesses and consumers.

Catalogue of law firms and networks covering 195 countries with 5000 cities in 260 practice areas.
The Expert Witness Catalogue covers expertise in 1,500 general areas and 700 diseases and diseases.
Thousands of articles, hundreds of special legal pages, information on 150 legal networks, 2,000 law schools in 130 countries, job lists, over 4,000 videos, legal events and links to governments and agencies around the world.


Help for consumers and small businesses find answers to their everyday legal and business questions.


Housing law in simple words.
For all types of real estate: apartment, house, cottage, plot, garage, non-residential premises.

Free round-the-clock online legal advice on real estate, land issues, housing issues.

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