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Direct links

It's great that there are a lot of free cloud storage and there is no need to keep especially heavy files to the site.

Only here is the problem, the clouds give an indirect link to download the file. You have to go to the cloud page where you can download the file.

But there is a possibility to get or make a direct link and then it will be suitable for use to the site.


Dropbox gives us a link like:

Change the WWW to DL and get

https://dl (I usually clean up what's in the end)

Google Drive

In Google Drive, we are given a link like: 1CHK2XK2FlZfRaccHYuDvFijlamc

We take the code ID and paste it into a new link:

Yandex.Disc and

Here it simply adds before the link

Will be for

For Yandex.Disc

Enter a link in the field from the cloud, which, as a rule, leads to the page for downloading the file. And get a direct link to download the file without going to a special page.