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Online church
In contrast to the virtual church, there is no need for the effect of presence, participation, live broadcast.
That is, online - I'm alone, virtual - we are together.


World online church.
It is planned to make it in 3D. 'St Pixels' will be financed by the Methodist Church of Great Britain, - reports the Christian Megaportal

In the summer of 2004 online The church passed a four-month trial period, as a result of which thousands of people from all over the world registered as animated characters, sitting with other brothers and sisters in a Gothic-style church. Virtual members of the church can communicate among themselves, sing songs, preach and pray.

According to the information of the creators, the online church demonstrated in During the trial period, the highest score reached 41,000 registered visitors, and the average was 7,300 visitors per day.

The creators of the project also said that more Than half the church attendees indicated an age of less than 30 years, 60% of the male.
'This kind of worship begins to dispel the notion that the church is only for gray unmarried women,' said Simon Jenkins, one of the founders of the church. 'Even if we do not take into account the number of visitors, the church created a space on Internet where people can join the worship and be brought into a new form of Christian society.' The church became a visible representation of the world body of Christ. 'We are extraordinarily encouraged by the support of the Methodist Church,' Jenkins. 'We look forward to creative cooperation with them for many years to come.'

Online Church of 'Good News'

The Church of Rick Renner created a site through which to serve as a believer or seeking God.

If you do not have a local church or for some reason lacks pastoral care, need prayer support or have questions. You are expected here.