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Church and the Law

Religion and Law

Religion and Law - Law Office "Slavic Law Center"; - provision of legal assistance and litigation related to the protection of the rights of citizens and legal entities.


  • Legal assistance in matters related to the violation of the rights of citizens, including freedom of conscience and religion.
  • Representation in civil courts.
  • Protection in criminal cases.
  • Registration of non-profit, public and religious organizations.
  • Drafting and legal examination of civil law contracts.
  • Consultations on copyright and related rights. Registration of trademarks.
  • Legal support of real estate transactions.
  • Legal assistance to foreign citizens staying on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Consultations on tax legislation.
  • Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.
The staff of the center are highly qualified lawyers and lawyers who have extensive experience in various fields of law, including state-church relations.

The Slavic Legal Center has a partner organizations in France, the United Kingdom and the United States. The activities of the Law Office and the Non-Profit Partnership The Slavic Legal Center is recognized by many, including international, awards.