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Church on Murman

A successful church in the Murmansk region has quality sermon records in audio or video format.

Online Church of 'Good News'

The Church of Rick Renner created a site through which to serve as a believer or seeking God.

If you do not have a local church or for some reason lacks pastoral care, need prayer support or have questions. You are expected here.

Hillsong Church Moscow

The daughter church of the famous Australian Hillsong.


The church that I see is a church of influence. A church that is so large in size that a city and a country can not ignore it.
A church that grows so fast that buildings can not accommodate a constant increase in its size. I see a church whose heart is full of praise and worship that touches the heavens and changes the earth. Glorification, which influences the praise of people around the world, extols Christ with strong and powerful songs of faith and hope. I see a church whose altar is constantly filled with repenting sinners who respond to Christ's call for salvation.

Yes, the church that I see so strongly relies and depends on the Holy Spirit that nothing can stop it and resist it. A church whose people are lit and burning, praying and filled with the Holy Spirit believers.
The church that I see has such a clear and clear message that people's lives change forever and their potential is achieved through the power of the Word of God. This message also reaches the people of all the earth through television.
I see a church that is so compassionate to people that it gets them out of impossible circumstances and situations and places them in a circle of friendly family where there is love, hope, where you can find Accepting and receiving answers to all life's questions. I see people who are so overwhelmed with thoughts about the Kingdom of God that they, seeing the price, and realizing the sacrifice, are ready to pay everything to see how the awakening will take over this whole country.
The church I see is a church This is so much devoted to the cultivation, training and education of a generation of leaders who will reap the harvest of the last time that the whole activity of the church is absorbed for this purpose.
I see a church whose head is Jesus, whose helper is the Holy Spirit and whose focus is the Holy Spirit, On the Great Commission.




A video broadcast of the Sunday ministry in the church.
Church "Living faith" Gomel. (on the map)
Broadcasting starts when people are still seated in places and further, which more gives the effect of presence.

You can see past services in the record, watch sermons, see the pastor's video blog.