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Check Antivirus online

Preventing the virus - if you bring yourself out wisely, you will not have viruses. You are the main antivirus.

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Not everyone puts an antivirus. And in fact, what do I need? What do I have to hack and steal?
There is no money (they are in a purse), I'm a bank.
There is no compromising picture, a database of valuable data or whatever else there is.
So why do I need an antivirus.

Nevertheless, from time to time there may be a doubt "but I do not have a virus?".

But honestly, I have an antivirus, but simple and easy, why load the system with gluttonous and expensive Kaspersky?
By the way, some "smart guys" put Kaspersky free (hacked).
How do you like that? Hacked antivirus. That's protection!

But here's no antivirus does not catch everything. By the way, it needs to be updated regularly (usually he does it himself), otherwise his presence becomes absurd.

So, you've got a virus that does not catch your antivirus. You have a chance to check by others, free and not downloading them.

Antivirus check online

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