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4 ways to calculate a fraudster on the Internet with the help of the state

No statements are required. Just enter the name of the alleged fraudster into the database.

Many people are not very good with legal literacy. Because of this, they are often deceived by scammers on the Internet. To fix this, the state has made several useful sites where you can find out if they are trying to deceive you.

1. Punch through the base of enforcement proceedings

If your new friend asked for money for surgery for a relative, do not rush to shell out. Perhaps you are not the first from whom he borrows money and disappears without a trace. To check this, go to the website of the Federal Bailiff Service, enter a name friend to the base and see if production cases are hanging on it.

2. Peek into the wanted list

Dating sites in 2019 have already become the norm. However, they are often registered criminals and are looking for a "soul mate" to escape from the police. To check these citizens, use the general section of the bailiffs website. Here you can find out if a person from a dating site is wanted.

3. Check passport

At various online flea markets, the seller sends the goods only after advance payment. This is a normal practice, but not all are clean at hand. Before paying, ask the seller to send your passport data and check them on site of the Migration Directorate General. If it turns out that the passport is invalid or stolen, do not deal with this person.

4. Find out information about legal entities

You can check for questionable contractors. Suppose you started a repair and an unknown company offers you to buy interior doors. If in doubt, enter its name on the site tax, get an extract from the One State Register of Legal Entities. It may well be that this company has already been liquidated and has no right to engage in any business activity.