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Check debts

Attention! Many can give you the opportunity to pay the debt online, quickly and conveniently.
But not everyone is trying to notify the authorities you should.
There will be no debt to you, you have paid everything.

Let's say you are going to go abroad and with a big debt you will not be allowed.
In order that there are no unpleasant surprises at the customs, where you may not be released from the country or will be offered to cover the debt.

Personally, I prefer to pay fines or that if there is a debt - in Sberbank, which not only issues loans and collects payments, but does the rest of the work.
I prefer to come to the office and get an official receipt.
The same can be said about ЮMoney (51% of shares owned by Sberbank). If and to make a payment online, personally I would use Yandex. Money. Here you can not only learn about the debt, but after paying, to find out that it is covered.

By the way, there are people who have a fear, but suddenly we have not paid for a phone or an apartment for the Previous month and I will not be released from the country? Fear is akin "did I turn off the kettle?"
No one keeps your current accounts in a common base, you still have to get into it, it's a long one not paying alimony, taxes, fines, bills. Prolonged. Then you can get into the list of hard-core non-payers and get on the blacklist.