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Christian phonograms, Christian songs, sheet music, Christian music.

A lot of phonograms of Christian songs on various themes, which can be selected in the section "Themes of Phonograms".

For the convenience of searching all the songs are sorted alphabetically, artists and languages.
You can search for songs and a simple search form, the icon at the top right.

As a result, we get a list of songs that you can immediately listen to.
Double click we get to the page of the song with 2 players - the player of the song and the player of the backing track.
You can download a song or a backing track or listen.

Below is the text, sometimes in 2 languages, you can choose.
If the translation of the song does not suit you, you can suggest your version or correct the error.

Under the text to many songs attached notes ♪ ♫.

Did you like the song? - You can add it to your bookmarks ★.

You can meet and chat with other members of the portal.

address: Ukraine
One of the largest Russian-language resources, which hosts over 1700 texts of Christian songs, more than two-thirds of them are with chords.
A powerful cataloging system, where all songs are systematized by name, artist, language and song theme.
Anyone can add a new song.

Russian - Englesh
address: Russia

Holy chords

Christian songs with chords
  1. The site is optimized for a computer, smartphone or tablet,
  2. the possibility of increasing the font,
  3. transposition - the ability to change the key of the song.
  4. Songs are divided into themes and performers.
  5. There is a built-in guitar tuner - for tuning.
  6. Chord generator - shows you how to take guitar chords.

On the site you can add songs, there are rules of chords, which I also adhered to.
In our country B - can mean si or B flat, there can be confusion.
Bb - B flat
H - si
At such approach there can not be confusion.

Russian - Englesh
address: Ukraine


Christian songs with chords.
More than 6000 texts with chords, notes and words of Christian songs of glorification, religious songs of Christian groups and performers, a constantly updated song database for fans of Christian music. There are songs that you can listen to. When you hover the chord, you can see a diagram of how to take it on the guitar, which will be practical for beginners.