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Catalog of Russian Official sites

  1. - The official website of the Russian Federation to post information about the bidding
  2. - Official Internet portal of legal information
  3. - Addresses and phone numbers of companies in Moscow
  4. - Guide RF - Guide to Russia.
  5. - Minsk City Directory - Information and reference portal.
  6. - Registry phone - Polyclinics, hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, medical centers of Russia.

reliable site
address: Russia


Free search for details of organizations in Russia.

Information about companies is collected from open sources and is constantly updated with new companies.

Regular update.

The following information is available for each organization: the full name of the company, its legal address and telephone number, TIN, OGRN, OKATO codes, OKPO, as well as the date of registration of the company and the name of the registering authority that assigned the organization all of the above details.


reliable site

Used: Yandex.Maps.

address: Russia


An independent portal that provides information about companies and organizations operating in Russia and the CIS countries.

The goal is to present objective, independent, comprehensive and relevant information in a simple and convenient way.

Up-to-date and complete information on more than 2,300,000 organizations in Russia and the CIS in the form of a convenient rubricator for areas of business and a geographical directory of organizations.

The materials on the site are presented for reference purposes only and are obtained from public sources or from representatives of relevant organizations.


Global reference system for Russian legal entities and entrepreneurs.
The project covers all regions of Russia and combines information on more than 10,000,000 legal entities and 13,000,000 individual entrepreneurs.

The goal is to collect all available information about Russian legal entities in one place and to provide completely free access to it for all interested parties. The priorities of our work is to provide the most relevant data, as well as convenient and simple means for their analysis.

Here you can find any operating (and, in some cases, liquidated) organizations in the territory of the Russian Federation and check its current status, familiarize yourself with the financial statements, analyze the financial condition and relations with other legal entities. All data presented on the portal are updated daily from official sources (more about the sources).

At the moment, the portal contains detailed up-to-date information about more than 10 million Russian legal entities and 12 million individual entrepreneurs.

Basic information about the organization on the basis of information from the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation and Rosstat, including:

  1. name, address, status of the UL,
  2. main requisites (OGRN, INN, KPP, OKPO and others),
  3. management and founders of the organization,
  4. information about licenses issued,
  5. branches and representative offices
  6. activities
  7. Management company, AO registry holder and much more.


reliable site
address: Russia


Free catalog of organizations in Russia.

Platform for posting information about your business! You are invited to register your company in a catalog, publish products and services, share company news and, if you wish, even create a free website using a simple designer and effortlessly, which will allow you to increase your “presence” on the Internet.

Company Owners

  1. Add your company to the directory.
  2. Create a business card company.
  3. Offer your products and services in Russia.
  4. Attract customers and partners.
  5. Manage your company vacancies.
  6. Publish your company news.


  1. Find out the addresses, phone numbers of stores and other useful information about Russian companies.
  2. Find products at competitive prices.
  3. Sell any goods.
  4. Chat with company representatives.
  5. Find a good job in Russia.
  6. Get feedback from consumers, share opinions.

Russian production

Internet exhibition of Russian manufacturers and Russian-made products.


Represent all Russian manufacturers in a single trading platform and provide them with orders from around the world.


  1. We do not place imports and intermediaries;
  2. up-to-date and high-quality information;
  3. free accommodation;
  4. open contacts.
Presented more than 13 800 Russian manufacturers.
Over 50,000 product items.

United Background

United Background of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Sochi and Izhevsk.

Convenient search by activity.
Address search by map.

Verified information on companies: addresses, phone numbers, descriptions and directions.
The nearest metro station and distance to it.
Poster for every day.

Reference and information retrieval resource.

This is an online archive with a biography and career of businessmen and entrepreneurs, directors of companies, officials and politicians, public figures and important people of the Russian Federation.

  1. extensive, constantly updated information
  2. available subscription plans,
  3. Advanced site search, under various headings and tags,
  4. unique ratings, articles, a selection of news and more,
  5. technical and consulting support.

Directory of organizations in Russia and the CIS

Modern and functional directory of organizations located in Russia and the CIS. It was created to provide maximum convenience for users when searching for contact information about any commercial or non-commercial institution.

Any visitor to the site can add a review about a particular company, as well as offer a video or photo directly related to it.

If you are a business owner and your company is not in this directory, you can apply for inclusion of your organization in our information catalog and we will be happy to execute it.

address: Russia

Big Reference Book

All companies and organizations of your city.

Information about the organizations of your city in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

If you are a representative of a company or budget organization, add free information about your business, address, website and phone numbers so that your customers can find you.

If the information is already in our catalog, it can be easily edited without registering on the organization’s page.

address: Russia


Network of directories of organizations in major cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Here you can find information you are interested in about a particular company, for example, its address, telephone number and work schedule.