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Principle of operation: we go to the site providing the anonymizer service, enter the URL, which we want to visit anonymously. The anonymizer downloads this page to itself, and passes it to the user on its own behalf.

It is not recommended to enter data through the anonymizer, they will be made available to unknown persons.


  1. - Anonimizer
  2. - Proxy Unblocker

Anonimizer Mail.Ru

We can create an additional mail address that simply becomes a folder in our mail, which you can always simply delete.
The folder can be easily renamed, moved.

You can create anonymous mail only if your phone number is attached to your mailbox. This can be done in personal data.

That is, there is no need to protect your address, start mail somewhere else and jump over accounts and then delete unnecessary.

Here all this is easier and more convenient, we still go to the same mail.

In fact, the following is achieved: the mail arrives at your usual address, only your address is hidden.

You can get to the Anonymizer by the suggested link or

  1. click in the upper right corner on the arrow after our email address,

  2. Click mail settings,

  3. On the left side of the menu, select Anonymizer.

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address: Canada

Chameleon - Anonymizer

Free anonymizer.
The site is a proxy server with a web interface. It replaces your IP address, giving you the option of anonymous surfing.



Internet Anonymizer.
Software to ensure the anonymity of the Internet connection.

The use of this class of software protects the user's actions on the Internet from third-party surveillance (Internet provider, wireless network hackers, advertising services and websites). The technology used by developers JonDonym/AN.ON is based on the principle of multiple (multilevel) coding, distribution and processing. The technology is certified by a number of German organizations on information security issues, including the German Privacy Foundation e.V.

The main ATTENTION developers focused on achieving usability and ease of use. Using JonDos JonDo with Internet Explorer is somewhat difficult. When using an anonymizer, the connection speed naturally drops by 25-30 percent.

As a bonus: if you have limited access to a certain list of sites, for example to e-mail or social networks, you can use special anonymizer services to access them. However, in some cases, system administrators are sufficiently foreseeable and access to known anonymizers is also limited. In this case, the search for an unlocked anonymizer can take quite some time.

Software works with almost all operating systems: Windows 98 - Windows 7, Mac OS X (all versions), Linux. You use Mozilla Firefox, installation and disguise will be especially simple when using the JonDoFox add-on.