Beginning / Safety / Anonymity


Eugene Kaspersky from the oak collapsed and stands for the prohibition of technical anonymity.
His concern is due to his professional paranoia.
But he did not think that if this happens, he will be left without work.

Initially, the Internet was anonymous and therefore safe from persecution. Now the Internet is becoming targeted and therefore there is a danger of political and other kinds of persecution. In this case, anonymity is required.
So, how the opposition is anonymous.

Internet provider

If yesterday you could buy an Internet card and connect to the Internet from any phone, now the Internet is tied to a fixed or cellular phone. And phones are registered under the passport.

Here everything is simple - Internet cafes and public places, where a free Wi-Fi connection is provided.

Anonymous Internet surfing through a browser

We visit websites without leaving traces.
There are a lot of anonymizers. But the vast majority has significant disadvantages:
  • paid,
  • strongly reducing speed, I suspect using iframe,
  • advertising (although if not intrusive, then tolerable).

Do not leave traces to computer

The main browsers provide an opportunity to visit the Internet without writing anything to the computer.
I use this function when someone wants to enter the Internet through my computer. In this case, I will not be able to save their passwords, visit history ... and my settings will remain. Convenient to everyone.

It is important to know that if they do not leave traces in the computer, this does not mean that they leave no traces on the Internet.

  • Google Chrome - select the "New window in incognito mode" or Ctrl + Shift + N in the wrench.
  • Internet Explorer 8 - InPrivate - open a new tab and click "View in InPrivate mode" Or select this function by clicking the "Security" button located in the upper right corner of the browser window.
  • Mozilla Firefox - "Tools/Enter private browsing mode" or Ctrl + Shift + P.


Today, to get a domain in the .RU and .РФ zone requires a passport.
But this is a plus, it's easier for you to defend the right to a domain if it's suddenly stolen.
Although, if you just protected your password, then this should not occur.

We will buy a domain in the international zone (.COM, .NET, .INFO, .ORG ...). Here at the registration you can write anything, no one will check, and and 30-50% cheaper.

Where to buy a domain