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  1. - Yandex TV - Smart TV with Alice.
  2. - TV channel list of for Yandex TV - A constantly updated list of terrestrial and cable TV channels that are available in Yandex Module


The best TV player in Russian in the browser and on the mobile.
Yandex bought the best TV player, and then, using the technology, made its own and developed.

Free registration is required.


  1. a good base of popular TV channels - more than 200, there are paid packages, I completely manage the free version;
  2. high quality pictures, you can choose yourself or leave automatic;
  3. the player works smoothly and stably on the smartphone and browser;
  4. a simple stylish interface that allows you to quickly intuitively master the player;
  5. TV program,
  6. filters by genre, favorites,
  7. sane support service.


The player also performs the role of an online movie theater, you can in high resolution to watch a movie or a TV show.

The movies are good, but the base is still insignificant, but growing.

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reliable site

Owner: Yandex
address: Russia, Moscow

Yandex.TV programm

Advantage - a large base of TV channels, customizability.

TV program

You can pick up your collection, organize it.
We specify the region and the program is proposed for you (where different broadcasts are going on).

There is a filter: movies, serials, sports, children.

Click on the telecast and get a description.


A couple of central TV channels can be immediately watched (click on the right of the TV online on the right). It's important to register on Yandex and log into your account, then your settings are saved. This collection can be viewed eg. From the smartphone, logging in there to your account.