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Owner: Yandex
address: Russia, Moscow

Yandex Pay

A service for paying for purchases with plastic cards without entering card data.
The data of the cards are stored in the Yandex account in encrypted form.

Works with Mastercard, Visa and Mir cards of any bank.
Bind a card to the account of Yandex.
There is a possibility of use several cards at once.
The service only works on sites in most popular browsers.

Yandex Split

When using Yandex.Market delivery, if the order amount is from 1000 ₽ the Split icon will appear in the cart and you will be able to buy the product with a small installment.
Split divides the amount of your order into 4 parts.
The 1st is deducted from your bank card immediately, the remaining 3 every two weeks.
You see the exact schedule of payments immediately at registration, so deductions will not be a surprise.
Users can see the schedule of deferred payments for purchases in the personal cabinet Yandex ID.

This will require full name and phone numbers.

Split order can be returned in the same way as a regular order.
We will send all the money back to the card you paid with.