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Owner: Yandex

tel.: 8 800 511-73-63
address: Russia, Moscow


A service for buying and selling securities and currency exchange, suitable even for beginners.
This is an information service, which helps to get oriented in the world of stocks and try to earn in the long run.

VTB Bank is a financial partner of the service.
The service allows you to open an online brokerage account, buy and sell shares of Russian and foreign companies, funds and bonds, and exchange dollars and euros at a good rate close to the stock exchange.

If you earn something, only in this case you will be charged taxes.
That is, if you do not earn, they will not take anything from you.
And if you earn, the earnings will be white.

The money can be withdrawn 24/7 to any bank account, and both in rubles and in currency - dollars or euros.
There are no commissions from the service.
When withdrawing currencies there may be commissions from the currency transfer system and the beneficiary bank.
The money from the sale come into the account online and are available for withdrawal immediately.