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Now there are panoramas of all cities of Russia's millionaires and others - only 240. And a number of smaller cities.
66 cities of Ukraine, 6 cities of Belarus and 2 Kazakhstan.


  1. Choose a place on the map,
  2. watch the proposed photo,
  3. click on the arrow and advance to the next photo.
In fact, it's a lot of photos, structured in a certain order.

Yandex.Maps made it possible to insert a panorama to your site.

We go to Yandex.Maps. If your city has panoramas, the "Panorama" button will appear on the top right, as it is seen in the picture below, click it

There the "Link" button will appear on the top right, click it and in the drop-down menu at the bottom there will be the item "Paste on Site, as shown in the picture below, click.

Determine the size of the proposed or set your own and take the code to the site.

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